Microlensing – 0.2.11

Greetings Astronauts!

v0.2.11 "Microlensing"

Summary: In the 8th update of 2017, Zag brings the fastest vlog in the west, tons of new features, improved Ghost spectating modes, and a space-truckload of "quality o' life" polish. Read on, and check out the vlog below, for more!


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

Change Notes:

You'll know you have the patch by the watermark "0.2.11a" (the "a" being the important part)

- Fixed: Lock door arrows show up if you're holding a large item like a canister or crate and are unable to interact with the door.
- Fixed: Lock door arrows show up when a door is welded (and unable to be manipulated.)
- Fixed: Floating first person handgun during initial 'prep' phase right before the match begins.
- Fixed: Main Menu Customization Spaceman's left hand is not properly holding their weapon.
- Stun Baton now does 10 damage to Spacemen, if Electrolocking is successful.
- Stun Baton now does 20 damage to Monster in Monster Form, if Electrolocking is successful.
- Stun Baton charges increased to 10, from 5.
- Stun Baton originally could not stun the same target again for 5 seconds. That cooldown has been lowered to 4 seconds.
- Potential Fix: Security Guard helmet texture not displaying properly.

// end of hotfix changes //

The Salt Stick:
- The Salt Stick -- er, Stun Baton has been completely redesigned to offer a more fun experience for both the stunner and the stunee.
- Upon being hit by the Stun Baton, you are now "Electrolocked." Unlike "Suit Lock," Electrolocking only inhibits certain actions. You can still look and move around, Monster dodge, and shove, but you can not attack, fire weapons, lay eggs, burrow, blink, use your keycard, or interact with items or objectives in any capacity.
- Electrolocking lasts for 5 seconds, and (as previously with being Stunned) can not be performed on a target that has been recently Electrolocked. As before, failure to Electrolock a target does NOT consume a Stun Baton charge.
- Stun Baton now has 5 charges, up from 4.
- There is now a unique icon on the bottom center of your HUD for when you a Electrolocked (as opposed to Suit Lock.)
- The Stun Baton swing rate has been greatly reduced. You can now swing the Stun Baton every 0.5 seconds, down from 2 seconds.
- Fixed: When the Stun Baton is in secondary slot, the first person holding animation is incorrect.

General Improvements:
- You can no longer crouch / uncrouch if you have done so within 0.25 seconds.
- Monster Burrowing now takes slightly longer.
- Fixed: Monster sometimes falls through the ground after unburrowing
- Fixed: Chocolate Milk still triggers when getting launched out of an EME or when falling off a map
- Fixed: Door panels sometimes don't show up as a ghost.
- Fixed: Doors sometimes don't go to the proper location/rotation when broken, sometimes resulting in a blocked doorway.
- For better spectating, Ghosts can now see the outlines of Spacemen (in blue) and Spacemen corpses (in red), and can see them through walls. To keep things ambiguous, outlines offer no distinction between the Monster and the Spacemen.
- Murderers (A non-Monster Spaceman who killed someone on their "team") are now outlined (in orange) to the Monster. The previous indicator (a skull waypoint) has been removed.
- Eggs and Acid Bombs are now outlined (in orange) to the monster. The previous egg/bomb waypoint indicators have been removed.
- Decapitated heads are just a bit messier now.
- Last Hit By information is now cleared if the target does not die from the damage. This should prevent cases where someone is marked as a murderer when the person they hit last was killed by "natural" (non-player) causes several minutes later.
- Void Beast perk is now literally a black hole monster. This is mostly a cosmetic effect of the perk, but also aids in obscuring the monster's location, and Spacemen who are inside the monster's radius may find themselves feeling... isolated.
- Monster footsteps are now silent with the Void Beast perk.
- You can now swap to an empty item slot at any time, meaning you can now access your punching fists any time you want to punch things with your fists.
- The Chocolate Milk perk no longer takes the user into third person.
- The Chocolate Milk perk now Electrolocks the user for its duration, disallowing them from doing much else besides run around, jump, and shove.
- Fixed: Burrow cooldown meter is incorrect after unburrowing.
- Interaction text is now entirely gone if Suit Locked or Electrolocked.
- There is a new sound when a new Ghost appears. All other Ghosts will hear this sound, accompanied by a message in chat, declaring so-and-so has joined them in the afterlife.
- Acid bomb passive "purring" noise has been increased in volume.
- Fixed: Can sometimes get stuck in the camera system, unable to leave.
- Sounds are now muffled when in a de-oxygenated zone.
- Oxygen zones are more reliable now in how they perform.
- The frosty visor effect when in a de-oxygenated area now has proper icy refraction and the icy edges take up a bit less room on the edges of the visor.
- "COLOR just killed SAME COLOR" will no longer show up and instead a "killed themselves" message will show up.
- Fixed: Doors could sometimes not be hit by Monster Claw attacks while locked.
- Entirely redesigned how the Monster is picked in order to prevent the same person getting picked as Monster twice. If multiple players are opting in, the person who was Monster last round should not be picked again unless no one else opts in.
- Monster Form now has a unique crosshair.
- Fixed: Sometimes the first person weapon will be visible or invisible in certain circumstances where it should or shouldn't.
- Escape menu should now be closeable with the Start button on a controller.
- Fixed: First person Monster legs have the wrong texture on them.

- Objective waypoints (Research Samples, Transmitters) now show up to Ghosts.
- Fixed: Landing Pad "RESCUE" waypoint sometimes not showing up in some cases
- Generators now have a better contained-mini-blackhole effect.
- Fixed: Debris near your character is still waypointed from a distance when viewing security cameras.

Steam Achievements:
- There are now 24 Steam Achievements.
- 2 are secret (hidden) achievements.
NOTE: Bots do not count towards achievements unless specifically stated otherwise.
- RTFM: Read The Abridged Spacemen's Guide
- No One Gets Out Alive!: As Monster, win the game with all the Spacemen dead.
- True Survivor: As a Spaceman, land the killing blow on the Monster.
- Not So Fast!: As a Spaceman, kill a Monster with the Posterior Claws perk.
- Space Madness: Be the last Spaceman alive in a game with 5 or more players.
- Unleash The Beast!: As Monster, kill 3 Spacemen with Monster Claws in a single round.
- I'm The Real Yellow!: As the Monster, be disguised as someone else's color as they are murdered by their fellow Spacemen.
- Personal Bubble: As a Void Beast, kill a spaceman with your claws.
- Leaving on a Jet Shuttle: As a Spaceman, escape in the Rescue Shuttle.
- The beginnings of the Handyman achievement set, which will be 8 achievements (2 added in this path, the remaining 6 at a later date.) When all are in place, this achievement set will unlock a special reward in a later patch.
- Handyman 1 - Employee of the Month: Become Employee of the Month!
- Handyman 2 - High Value Employee: Become Employee of the Month with 3000 points or more.
- One Way Trip: As Monster, shove an unsuspecting Spaceman into an Emergency Mass Ejector
- Lock and Load!: Create a perk loadout.
- Just Borrowing: As a Spaceman, steal someone else's keycard.
- Come Out, Come Out...: As a Spaceman, knock the Monster out of shapeshift form with a well-placed Stun Grenade.
- Probing Questions: As a Spaceman, reveal the Monster with a health syringe.
- Equal Opportunity: Complete The Company's Non-Discriminatory Training Course
- Unconvinced: As a Spaceman, kill the Monster while it's in a shapeshifted form.
- True Survivor: As a Spaceman, land a killing blow on the Monster.
- Persuasive: As the Monster, kill a Spaceman with a weapon they were the last owner of. Grenades do not count.
- Participation Trophy: Be the first Spaceman to die, but Spacemen still win the round. (Requires at least 4 other players in the round)
- Good Guess: As a Spaceman, kill a shapeshifted Monster with a single Frag Grenade, from full health.

- All weapons now have a crosshair unique to that weapon.
- Crosshair now animates when switching weapons, because dat triple-A polish.
- Crosshair now animates when picking up any new items or gear.
- Put in a fix for resolving whether or not someone has already taken an item, and various fixes for bugs encountered when two people try to take an item at the same time.
- The Shotgun and Flamethrower have been switched in unlocking order.
- Emergency Level 2: The Flamethrower now begins to unlock after 3 minutes.
- Emergency Level 3: The Shotgun now begins to unlock after 5 minutes.
- Emergency Level 4: An Assault Rifle now begins to unlock from a Weapon Canister after 9 minutes.
- Weapon unlock notification now clearly states "[WEAPON] UNLOCKS IN 1 MINUTE"
- Fixed: The weapon in a Weapon Canister visually 'pops in.' (Note: Item can only be grabbed once open animation is complete. This is by design.)
- The Assault Rifle no longer spawns from regular item spawns.
- Bots can no longer spawn with an Assault Rifle.
- Shotgun damage (per shot) to Spacemen is now 7, down from 9.
- The Shotgun now has a darker metal texture and a slightly more yellow glow color.
- If door is welded, it now repairs at 1/4th the normal rate.
- Fixed a potential efficiency problem with the Flamethrower's projectiles affecting the bot navigation mesh.
- The Flamethrower has a new look and is a tad less bulky.

- New Helmet: The Turbine helmet can now be purchased. It's a domed helmet with a high collar and a large, animated jet turbine on the mouth. Try not to sneeze too hard.
- New Helmet: The Odyssey helmet can now be purchased. It's a large cylindrical helmet sporting a classic and somewhat familiar look. It's not full of stars, it's just full of your head.
- New Helmet: The Beholder helmet can now be purchased. This helmet displays the visor across four unique "eyes," for a terrifying look no matter which way you go. Eye puns are too on the nose.
- New Helmet: The Engineer helmet can now be purchased. It's a domed helmet with full rear radiation coverage and twin radio antennae. You ain't afraid of no radiation.
- The Visor Picker menu has been made far more compact, to show more visors at once without having to scroll.
- Many helmets have had their normal maps corrected, resulting in improved lighting.
- Many visors have had their normal maps corrected, resulting in improved lighting.

The Company's Non-Discriminatory Training Course:
- Added The Company logo to a few places in the tutorial.
- Fixed: A blank Spacemen would appear in the Rescue Shuttle near end of the tutorial.
- Fixed: Health Station would wait for 10 seconds before continuing the tutorial. Now it continues the moment you are done healing.
- Fixed: After obtaining the Keycard in the tutorial, it has a 30 second cooldown.
- Fixed: Cameras are accessible in the tutorial.
- Fixed: Resetting at a checkpoint after death can make you fall through the ground.
- Fixed: Bots at the end have keycards you can steal.
- When the firearm is removed, the word "forcibly" has been added to the HUD warning.
- Doors are no longer destructible in the tutorial.
- Doors are sometimes not "perma-locked" when they should be, allowing the player to break the tutorial by progressing quicker than intended. A permanent "hard-fix" has been put in for this and it should no longer be an issue in future patches.
- The Rescue Shuttle can no longer crush Spacemen in the tutorial.
- Time has been removed from the top of the HUD.
- Current Task has been moved to the top of the screen, to better make the connection to new players that the top of your screen is where your primary task is located during normal gameplay.

- Spaceburbia has received a basic graphical update to reduce the amount of textureless walls and other grayboxy features. This map is still heavily considered a work in progress.
- Spaceburbia: New lobby map image
- Space Bar has received a basic graphical update to reduce the amount of textureless walls and other grayboxy features. This map is still heavily considered a work in progress.
- Space Bar: The Kitchen now has furnishings, to a degree.
- Space Bar: The Freezer (formerly called The Fridge) now has shelves.
- Space Bar: The projector areas now have projector machine thingies.
- Space Bar: New lobby map image

Definitely working on proximity VOIP next, as it's one of the last big things affecting game balance. Expect something with that in 0.2.12!
<3 Zag

Executive Power – 0.2.10

Greetings Astronauts!

v0.2.10 "Executive Power"

Summary: In the 7th update of 2017, Zag brings a massive rebalancing to the power weapons, along with lots of "quality o' life" fixins. Read on, and check out the vlog below, for more!


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

Change Notes:

New Power Weapon System
- When in an "Approved Emergency," The Company will sometimes unlock additional arsenal for disposing of unwanted infestations.
- Power Items / Weapons (Flamethrower, Shotgun) now spawn from special canisters located around the map.
- Flamethrower and Shotgun have been removed from normal item spawn points.
- After set intervals, a randomly selected Power Weapon Canister will begin unlocking.
- Once a canister is chosen, it will take 1 minute for the canister to unlock, allowing anyone to retrieve the weapon located inside.
- The Shotgun will begin this process after 3 minutes have passed. (Opens at 4.)
- The Flamethrower will begin this process after 6 minutes have passed. (Opens at 7.)
- These show up on the HUD (a bright orange "NEW WEAPON" waypoint) and on the overhead map, as long as the weapon inside has not been taken yet.
- Once the weapon is taken, the canister turns red and is no longer active.
- There is a new Match Setting the host can enable, which will turn off Flamethrower and Shotgun entirely. "No Power Weapons"

Note: This change is made to take the randomness and luck out of power weapons. In previous versions, if the Monster spawned near a Flamethrower or Shotgun, they had an immediate upper hand, based entirely on the luck of their spawn. Alternatively, a Spaceman getting a power weapon early on could also turn the tide against the Monster and prevent them from ever getting a competitive edge against the heavily armed Spacemen. I will keep an eye on this system and may also unlock weapons earlier if the Spacemen manage to complete certain objectives. For now, it's purely time-gated. I expect many heated debates (and maybe a few gunfights) to emerge over who gets the weapon when it unlocks, but that's certainly far better than leaving it up to a dice roll. - Zag

General Improvements:
- Blast Shield Perk now nullifies ALL explosion damage for up to 1.25 seconds after Blast Shield is triggered the first time. This will prevent simultaneous (or near-simultaneous explosions) from killing someone who has the Blast Shield Perk. A common case of this would be a grenade blowing up next a door - the death-by-grenade would be blocked by Blast Shield, but the door explosion would immediately kill the Spacemen despite their Blast Shield. Now, when Blast Shield is triggered, the Spacemen will still drop in health on the initial explosion, but any subsequent explosions will be totally ignored for up to 1.25 seconds.
- Simplified lighting on doors for both aesthetic reasons (darker) and performance reasons (2 less lights per door, per level.)
- Doors now indicate if they're Broken ("REPAIR" with Welder icon) or Welded ("WELDED" with Skull icon) by yellow text on their status panel.
- Fixed the map bug, probably.
- Monster Shapeshift now decays at a rate of 0.6 every 1 second, down from 0.75 every 1 second. This means the Monster can stay shapeshifted for a bit longer.
- LORE: The Company logo now shows up in about two dozen places, ranging from health stations to keypads to EMEs, and even the occasional crate or barrel. Also on your spacesuits, in case you forgot who is providing your precious oxygen.
- Monster can no longer lay eggs while airborne.
- The Monster's killer is now indicated on the post-game scoreobard.
- Improved lighting on Security Guards
- Improved lighting on the Pilot Helmet
- End-game Scoreboard has more neat and consistent columns/titles.
- When emoting, the Emote Icon should now (once again) shows up in the bottom left, by your character's 3D portrait. (Crouch icon has been moved slightly to accommodate this.)
- Tidied up the Emote Wheel a bit.
- Fixed: Chocolate Space Milk cooldown displaying strange numbers or counting the wrong direction.
- Fixed: Text next to Perks on right side of HUD was mis-aligned with the Perk icons.
- Long Overdue Fix: Interaction can no longer occur through walls or other objects. As this is a large system that affects many things, please report any issues with interaction. (Actually, report all bugs you might find! Preferably at http://discord.gg/sandswept in the #bug_reports channel.
- The Monster is now also directly notified when there is only one Spacemen left.
- Fixed: Last Man Standing could trigger multiple times.
- Fixed: In some cases, Last Spaceman Standing can revert back to their original movement speed instead of maintaining the bonus movement speed.
- The Monster can no longer interact with or grab objects during Transformation to Monster Form.
- Fixed: If a Monsters runs out of Shapeshift Energy while transforming, they will transform twice.
- Graphical quality/resolution of the flashlight glare has been improved some.
- Further tidying up of the Abridged Spacemen's Guide to Space. (How To Play Guide, still a work in progress though!)
- Ghost Whispers are now about 25% louder on average.
- Lowered cooldown on Ghost Light Flicker ability to 15 seconds, from 20.

- Research Sample waypoints on HUD are now about 25% smaller.
- Landing Pad waypoints now only show up on HUD when holding TAB to view objective details, with the exception of the Landing Pad that the Shuttle is landing at, in which case the "RESCUE" waypoint will always be visible.
- Landing Pad waypoints should now show up on HUD properly in cases where they might have been missing.
- Landing Pad Debris now shows a small debris indicator when nearby (approx. 5 meters) to help Spacemen spot debris a bit more easily.
- Landing Pads now match the color of their status on the Overhead Map. Reddish-orange for not clear, Green when cleared of debris.
- Fixed: Research Samples and Supply Crates are no longer placed in the floor if dropped while crouching.
- Research Samples and Supply Crates now drop much closer to the person dropping them and should typically no longer be placeable (fully) inside walls or other objects.
- The Rescue Shuttle interior has changed around some, both in terms of visuals and layout.
- Generators have received a make-over and now evoke a bit more of that... "unstable mini-blackhole powering the space station" look.
- Transmitters have a brand new look, particularly with their control panel setup, making it much easier to see the status of a transmitter all in one place, and from a distance.
- Power Outage Levers now show up on the overhead map for everyone (except during a power outage.)

- The Scanner gear item now has a new look.
- The Vision Enhancer gear item now has a new look.
- The Health Syringe has had some texture improvements and is now also shinier.
- The Oxygen Tank has had some texture improvements and is now also shinier.
- Frag Grenades per map has been reduced to 3, from 4.
- The Assault Rifle, which has been in a weird place for awhile balance-wise, has undergone some drastic changes this patch. Along with its ability to zoom and its full-automatic fire rate, it now has identical stats to the Handgun with a few exceptions (slightly higher recoil and spread.) While it now has lower damage, this is a major buff to the Assault Rifle's accuracy and will make it a lot more useful than it has been in the past.
- The Flamethrower should no longer also barbecue your framerate when firing.

- New Free Visor: Laserchrome (Filthy Casual) visor, unlocked and available for everyone right away. This is a little shout-out to our friend Mike at http://www.filthycasual.com, and my way of congratulating him on his recent wedding! Way to go, buddy!
- New Free Animated Visor Set: Odyssey, a small nod to a great film. The visors come in various colors and are unlocked as you progress. (Red, 17. Blue, 19. Green, 21. Orange, 23. Purple, 25. Yellow, 26. White, 27.)
- New Free Visor: Orange Peel, unlocked at rank 26.
- New Free Animated Visor: Static. Unlocked at Level 29.
- The "Charlie" visor is now properly affected by lighting and should not longer have a strange shadow on it in cases where it did.
- New Spaceman Color: Salty (a whiteish color)
- New Spaceman Color: Porcelain (a whiteish yellowish)

- All Maps: Due to the inclusion of numerous Power Weapon Canisters on every map, many rooms have had minor tweaks to their layout and furnishing arrangements. As an additional bonus, the canisters are now present in many previously empty, unexciting, or unused areas of the maps, as well as many of the places you might expect them. Most maps now contain anywhere from 8 to 16 canisters, most of which will lie dormant for the duration of the match. Try not to trip on them.
- Outpost 13: Ambient musical track is now properly in the "Music" category and is affected by the Music Volume slider in game settings.
- Outpost 13: "Barrel Stairs" outside Freezer are a bit easier to climb
- Outpost 13: Various shadowing, graphics, furniture, and texture improvements throughout the map.
- Outpost 13: The Map room now has furnishings.
- Outpost 13: The Radio Room now has furnishings.
- Outpost 13: Fixed 2 spawns that were inside furniture. Noteworthy fix was the already-notorious "shelf-spawn" in the Freezer.
- Outpost 13: Red's Shack now has proper furnishings.
- Outpost 13: Support Building now has proper furnishings.
- Echo: Improved the visual look of Echo's doors, and added some trim lights for better spotting of doorways in the dark.
- Echo: The Generator in Maintenance has been moved back quite a bit.
- Echo: The Generator in Blue Mess has been moved closer to the exposed edge. Much closer.
- Abduction: Upon entering the UFO's Tractor Beam, Ghosts will now teleport to the top of the beam.
- Abduction: Various shadowing and other artistic improvements have been made, particularly on the Farmhouse interior.
- Abduction: Fixed issue with UFO doors acting strangely after being repaired.
- Abduction: Wood panels in main hall of the Farmhouse now have proper collision.
- Kema: Exterior lighting has been drastically darkened.

Probably working on proximity VOIP next, as it's one of the last big things affecting game balance. Expect something with that in 0.2.11!
<3 Zag

Outpost 13 – 0.2.9

Greetings Astronauts!

v0.2.9 "Outpost 13"

Summary: In the 6th update of 2017, Zag's dropped you a MiniVlog quickly detailing the new release! Outpost 13, a new map, and a brand new way to be dead. I hope you aren't afraid of ghosts.


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

Change Notes:

Brand New Ghost Mode!
Note: After-death spectating has been lacking for quite some time. Spacemen Heaven was a neat idea, but it removed the dead players from enjoying the remainder of the match in any significant way. I feel very strongly that a free-flying spectator camera would negatively affect the mood and atmosphere of the game, so I have devised a solution that I feel is both unique and far more satisfying, interesting, and engaging than sitting around looking at cameras and clouds. - Zag

- Heaven is no longer where you go when you die. Instead of spawning in Spaceman Heaven as "Spaceman Angels," dead spacemen now spawn in the map as an invisible Spaceman Ghost. Ghosts can haunt the living by flickering lights and whispering sweet, terrifying nothings into their ears. Ghosts also have a flashlight that only they can see, to help illuminate dark places. This "Ghost" system will be expanded on in the future. All other "after-death" rules and controls still apply, including viewing cameras or text/VOIP chat.
- All maps have been updated to support Ghosts. Please report any errant collision or other problems of that nature, as some things may have changed to support the new ghost-specific collision.
- If a Ghost falls off an edge of a map (where a Spacemen would normally die) they should reset to a spawn point. If this does not happen, please report where it happened.

NEW MAP!: Outpost 13. A frigid outpost on a desolate moon... Something lurks the snow, and has found someplace warm to call home.
Note: This map is basically what I've always wanted Kema to be. It plays in a similar room-to-room manner, but I expect it to quickly become a crowd-favorite. It is loosely based on a the same look, feel, and layout of a little snowy outpost you all know and love from John Carpenter's "The Thing." However, the actual layout and feel have been built from the ground up for Spacemen gameplay and theme. Consider it an homage to one of the greatest movies of all time! - Zag

More Compact HUD!
Note: In order to make HUD take up far less screen real-estate, and to better communicate objectives and information, many changes have been made to size, scale, icons, and text on the HUD. Most things will remain familiar, but smaller, or simply cleaner and more easy to understand at first glance. Below are those changes. - Zag

- Time and "Objective Summary" have been moved to the top-center of the screen. Objectives panel has been moved up some in the top-left to fill the vacant area of the HUD.
- Round time font size has been greatly increased.
- "Objective Summary" is now much better, and is far informative. For example, when the Rescue Shuttle lands, it will read something like "Board the Rescue Shuttle. Shuttle Departs at 00:30..." if you're a Spaceman. The Monster will get entirely different messages now, such as "Prevent Spacemen from boarding the Rescue Shuttle. Shuttle Departs at 00:30..."
- Hit Direction Indicator is now about 25% smaller.
- Perk icons and text on the right-hand side of the HUD are now about 50% smaller. By holding TAB you can still view the names of your perks.
- Time and Rescue text in the upper left corner of the HUD is now about 20% smaller.
- Generator / Power Outage Status at the bottom of the HUD is now centered and roughly 50% smaller.
- HUD Bottom Left: "Player Stats" are about 40% smaller than they were before.
- HUD Bottom Right: Some parts of the bottom right "Item Area" have been made smaller.
- Most text has been reduced in size, including "Press E to Interact" text.
- Flashlight, Keycard, and Crouching Indicator icons have had their artwork drastically improved.
- Many item icons have had their contrast increased for better identification of what you're holding in your item slots.
- Fixed: If a Monster has a keycard, their Monster Level shows up on top of the keycard icon. (Now the icons appear next to one another.)
- Fixed: Hit Direction Indicator shows up in the center of the screen for 1 frame.
- Time warnings (2 minutes remaining, 5 minutes remaining, etc.) now show up on the lower portion of the HUD, and will typically no longer cross over other text. - Damage Indicator Direction on HUD is now much smarter and always faces the location the damage originated from. This should make damage direction much more clear to the player.
- "Board the Shuttle" message on HUD has been changed to say "Shuttle Now Accessible"
- If power is out and Transmitters are not finished, the Transmitter Objective status on HUD is now red, and says "RESTORE POWER" (Spacemen) or "PREVENT POWER RESTORATION" (Monster). This is intended to help new players understand that power must be ON for the Transmitters to function.

General Improvements:
- All of our "Unfortunate Space Crew" pre-alpha (very early) testers have received a unique "Retro" visor. If you were one of the people who helped test the game before the Steam release and do not have your unique "Retro" visor, please contact Zag on Discord or elsewhere regarding this matter.
- "Dilated" visor has had some art changes to be more in line with other eyeball visors.
- Stun Baton duration has been reduced to 2.5 seconds, from 3.
- Stun Baton charges reduced to 4, from 6.
- Stun Baton charges now show in the bottom right corner of the HUD, by the item slots.
- Translucency has been improved and should no longer cause portions of the HUD to disappear when glass or similar surfaces are visible.
- Vision Enhancer Gear Item "wallhack/thermal" vision has been greatly improved in terms of visibility of lifeforms, and you can now see much further when using that vision mode.
- Fixed: Flashlight beam was always on when spawning and would only turn off once the flashlight was turned on and then off again.
- Potential fix for issue where Spacemen would not be able to leave the camera system with the 4 key. If this issue occurs, please report it. In the meantime, a workaround is to press the SPACE key (jump) instead.
- Monster's Shapeshift energy now starts at maximum if the monster has the Patience Perk.
- Last Man Standing now has a new sound effect.

- Improved artwork on Research Sample
- Fixed: Power could not be turned off by swiping the lever with Monster Claws.

- Abduction: Shelf room on the first floor of the farmhouse has had some artistic changes, and no longer has shelves with missing sides.
- Architects: Fixed an issue where being launched out of an EME would cause the Spaceman to collide with an invisible ceiling in some areas of the map. - Architects: Reduced fog/dust by 25% resulting in an increase in longer-distance visibility. - Architects: Ambient lighting reduced by about 50%. - Bar: Billiard tables now have proper balls and pool cues. - Gardens: Ambient lighting reduced by about 50%. - Hypertrain: Overall "ambient" lighting is now 150% darker. - Hypertrain: Fixed missing glass on rear exterior side of Orange Car. - Hypertrain: Tons of colored accent lighting has been added to each car and landing pad area, making it much easier to understand your location on the map. - Hypertrain: Some walls that were solid are now glass, creating longer sight-lines in some areas, particularly in the Green "Bunk Car." - Hypertrain: The horn can now be heard across the entire length of the train. - Hypertrain: Along with various visual updates, the thrusters on the train now emit some noise. - Hypertrain: There is now a very mild vibration/shake at all times on Hypertrain, to make it feel more like you're on a train.

- Fixed: Sometimes customization panels (Visor picker etc.) could get stuck on screen when Host started the game in lobby. [Thanks x_wolfpawn for finding that one!]

Okay, so I guess Hylophobia didn't come out like I said it would. Instead it was a different, totally awesome map. Maybe Hylophobia is next. We'll see what I get up to for 0.2.10!
<3 Zag

Buff Welder – 0.2.8

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.8 "Buff Welder"

Summary: In the 5th update of 2017, Zag's dropped you a MegaVlog featuring the last 4 updates, plus this update! Welder can now weld doors shut and communication of objective status has been greatly improved. And more!


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

Change Notes:

New and Improved Welder!
- When holding a Welder, you can now right-click on a door in order to weld the door shut. This is intended to allow Monsters to create stronger traps, and also allow Spacemen to seal off areas of the map or inconvenience a pursuing Monster. The Welder will overheat and can not be used (for welding OR repairing) during cooldown. Welding is currently instantaneous and accompanied by a distinct noise. Welded Doors must be destroyed in order to re-open them.

Note: The welder was terrible. Just terrible. Now it's pretty cool. - Zag

General Improvements:
- Door Hit Points have been reduced from 600 to 500, making them a bit easier to destroy.
- (Rough) Shoving animation now shows in first person [known issue: host may not always see shoving in first person]
- (Rough) Punching animation now shows to other players
- (Rough) Monster claw attack animation now shows to other players
- Monster Transforming animation no longer slides around (Legs now animate walking/moving while transforming)
- Netcode for Colorblindness Jar has been re-written, resulting in less network traffic and higher reliability of events/status.
- Colorblindness indicator now shows [ IMMUNE ] if you have the Antibodies Perk or if you're the Monster.
- Colorblind Virus jar now has obvious "cracked glass" when broken
- Fixed an issue where Health Station screen textures would be blurry for a moment when using a health station.
- To other Spacemen, Flashlights now properly follows where the user is looking.

- Objective statuses and completion now show up at all times on the left-hand side of the HUD. You can still hold TAB to expand into more specific detail or descriptions of each task.
- Landing Pads have a new look; more grime and details and some lighting along the edges.
- Landing Pads now have orange-red lights when they are not cleared of debris. When all the debris is cleared from a Landing Pad, the lights become a greenish-yellow color.
- Landing Pads are also silver/gray metal again, instead of gold.
- Landing Pads are now properly numbered in the HUD and interface, indicated by L1, L2, and L3.
- Landing Pad location and number now show up on the HUD at all times during gameplay.
- Landing Pad location and number now show up on the overhead map at all times.
- Landing Pads now have their corresponding number painted in the center.
Note: Landing Pad numbering changes every round, so "Landing Pad 1" might be a different place than last round. - Zag
- Rescue Shuttle Landing Location is now marked on HUD and overhead map (and has a brand new new icon)
- Emergency Mass Ejector icons have been flipped upside down, so the arrows go upwards, because this probably makes more sense for something that launches things into space.
- When using a Scanner, Research Samples that are sealing or sealed now have a box around them to indicate this. Unsealed Samples have no box and are a slightly lighter shade of green.
- Objectives Panel is now hidden if there is a camera speaker (e.g. Shuttle Pilot) on the HUD.

KNOWN ISSUE: There is a 50% chance the shuttle will not think you're inside it when it takes off. This will result in death. Still investigating the cause of this check failure. - Zag

- Kema has had numerous pathways opened up with doors, new walkways, and broken railings (where railings were previously unbroken.) Hopefully this will allow better map-flow and result in far less dead ends.
- Kema has had some graphical updates on various walls, and the fog color has been tweaked some. Lighting levels and fog are still considered a work in progress.
- Gardens: Fixed doors appearing at weird angles after being repaired.
- Spaceburbia: Fixed gates appearing at weird angles after being repaired.

- Warmup (loadout selection) screen now has a brand new look.
- Intro message (stating which 'team' you're on) now has an icon and a different overall look when the game begins.
- Upon spawning, your color now drifts to lower right as it fades out.
- The game credits screen has been cleaned up a bit and made more compact.
- The Game Over screen is now a bit more compact and cleaner.
- Monster Color is now declared immediately when the game ends, accompanied by a bloody cool animation.

Boom. Updated. Enjoy, astronauts! Next patch will include the long-awaited forest biodome, Hylophobia. <3, Zag

Flirt Stations – 0.2.7

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.7 "Flirt Stations"

Summary: This patch contains an enormous amount of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, a total overhaul to the way Health Stations work, the ability to steal ANYONE'S keycards, and more!


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

*NEWEST* Hotfix 2:
(Note: Original and full 0.2.7 patch notes can be found below this section.)

- Fixed bug where the server sometimes thought a Spaceman was the Monster when they weren't, resulting in the game ending when they died, even while the real Monster was still alive. Maybe this is the universe trying to tell us that, deep down, we're all monsters.
- Spacemen no longer hear the Monster roar on the warmup screen. Instead, they hear a musical note. Monster still hears a roar when selected as Monster.
- Fixed multiple issues with Transmitters showing incorrect state and/or waypoint icons, as well as Objective panel showing the wrong Transmitter completion count.
- Slight tweaks to the end-game "Failure/Congratulations" popup.
- The camera now zooms to the Monster whether they win OR lose. This should now also happen for every player, including the ones in heaven.
- Fixed bug where the bottom left 3D model, Employee of the Month, or Shuttle Pilot images would be dark while the power was out.
- Employee of the Month wallpaper texture (behind the Spaceman) should no longer appear blurry.
- Reverted Translucency setting that was causing various issues, such as HUD not showing up properly when looking at a Translucent surface, such as a window. (Turned out to be a negligible performance gain anyway.)
- Late-joining Spacemen will now have their suits unlocked if they are stuck in a locked state for more than about 15 seconds. This is a temporary fix while Zag continues to investigate the deeper cause.
- Airlock "flappy" wind noise now properly stops playing if a Spaceman is killed while their Magnetic Boots are locked in an airlock.
- Large refactor to how the game handles death of players. Please report ANY and ALL bugs in the Discord #bug_report channel or the Bug Report forum on Steam. Thank you!

Hotfix 1:
- Corrected an issue with Keycards sometimes not properly coming off cooldown for non-host players.

0.2.7 Change Notes:

New and Improved Health Station!
- In The Company's efforts to enforce Health and Safety Standards required by Galactic Law and to fund various managerial training excursions on the exotic moons of Paradise IV, Health Stations now emit friendly recordings to keep you energized and remind you that your health is our top priority. Use often.
- The Health Station now... talks and stuff. If you begin to experience any feelings (positive or negative) towards the Health Station, you are to disclose those feelings to HR immediately.
- The code, netcode, and visuals for Health Stations have been completely redone.
- Health Stations now fill health over time, instead of granting all the health at once when finished.
- Health Stations will heal the user until they have full health, or until the time limit (10 seconds) is reached. This means if the user has low health, they will be 'stuck' at the station for longer than someone with nearly full health.
- Health Stations will now *slightly modify* their behavior if they're being used by a Monster in disguise. Monsters will typically not want to use Health Stations when other Spacemen are nearby.
- Monsters with the "Patient" perk will not trigger any strange behavior when using Health Stations.
- Health Stations can no longer be used by an individual with full Spacemen (Human) Health.
- Overall, this is a buff to Health Stations, as they will typically heal you fully, instead of the flat 50 health they gave you before.

Here's a quick look at the new Health Stations.

Note From Zag:
This patch was a massive refactoring of netcode. Many things have been taken apart and put back together with 4x network efficiency. Reduced net traffic and cleaned up net messages related the statuses of generators, transmitters, airlocks and more. (This basically means network traffic has been greatly reduced and the status of objects in the world should be far more accurate and rarely or never get out of sync.) While this is a large change to many systems at once, this patch is considered quite stable and well-tested. If you find any issues, please report them immediately, either on the Steam forums, or in our Discord #bug_reports channel. - Zag

General Gameplay:
- MAJOR GAMEPLAY CHANGE: Everyone (even Spacemen) can now steal keycards from from anyone else who happens to be carrying a keycard. This ability is no longer exclusive to the Monster. If you do not have a keycard, a keycard icon will now show up on individuals who have one. This means if someone steals your keycard, they are not necessarily the Monster. They could just be a big jerk.
- If you have a Spare Keycard available (and also your original) then two separate keycards will now show up in the bottom right area of the HUD. (Note: If you lose your Spare Keycard, it can not be replaced. You can only ever have one keycard after losing your spare.)
- After stealing a keycard, the keycard now goes on cooldown and can not be used until the cooldown expires. As before, the Monster still has a shorter keycard cooldown.
- When taking a keycard from a dead corpse (by walking over a corpse with a keycard on it) the HUD message will now specifically state that you have looted a key from a corpse. (Previously it simply told you that you had obtained a keycard.)
- Spacemen footsteps are now a bit louder, and the sound of them travels a bit further.
- You can now see your legs (and monster legs) in First Person view.
- Massively overhauled how Power Outages are handled by the level, server, and clients.
- Your correct ping (latency to the server in milliseconds) now shows on the HUD, upper right, under the text "Signal Strength"
- Lowered volume of bullet_metal_impact sounds by about 30%, because your ears are important.
- There is now an equip animation when swapping out an item in first person (instead of the item magically appearing in your hands.)
- New Reddish Color: Cinnamon
- New Orangeish Color: Lasagna
- Grenades now throw at the correct angle and arc for client (non-host) players.
- Spacemen suits and helmets have received some new lighting, resulting in better visual style and quality.
- The netcode for doors has been completely reworked. This also fixes numerous door-related bugs, including but not limited to clients with Security Guard Perk being unable to override door locks.
- Monster can no longer Burrow while stunned by a Stun Baton.
- Monster can no longer Dodge while stunned by a Stun Baton.
- When Monster burrows, there are now some dust/dirt particles.

Security Guard Perk + Action Hero Perk Changes:
- Security Guard Perk and Action Hero Perk now result in the following combination of abilities and items:
- You spawn with Assault Rifle as your primary item.
- You do NOT spawn with a Stun Baton.
- You do NOT start with a keycard (unless you also have the Spare Key Card Perk)
- You can NOT use Gear Items.
- If you have a keycard or have stolen one, you CAN override doors with your Security Guard perk ability as usual.

Note From Zag:
Hopefully these changes (coupled with the ability for anyone to steal keycards) will satisfy any issues with the perk combination feeling worse than just picking one or the other. - Zag

- Research Samples now use a completely different system for sealing and scoring, which also uses far less network traffic and CPU useage.
- The Overhead map is now about 10 times more efficient in its method for checking the status of icons on the maps.
- The interior of the Rescue Shuttle is now darker, and has a lot more junk in it, yielding in more hiding spots and better cover. The art on the door/ramps have also been changed, and the spinning red lights have had their brightness greatly increased.
- The Shuttle's Co-Pilot now has some "helpful" intercom messages for Spacemen as they board.
- When the shuttle takes off, Spacemen now stay in the same location they were standing in, instead of awkwardly teleporting to the center of the cargo hold. [KNOWN ISSUE: Rotation is not matched yet]
- The Shuttle now shakes and rocks around as it's leaving the atmosphere. You could say the whole experience is quite... atmospheric.
- End-game sequence with shuttle has been simplified for the time being, but will be expanded on a bit later. When the shuttle takes off, anyone not inside is killed. If the game does not end immediately due to the Monster dying, then that means the Monster is on the shuttle with the Spacemen and has a little less than 30 seconds to kill everyone. If the monster fails to kill everyone before time expires, the monster loses.
- [KNOWN ISSUE: Monster can sometimes still be killed ("left behind") after Shuttle takes off even if they are on board. I haven't tracked down the issue yet, but it happens about 50% of the time. - Zag]

- Kema: Small graphical updates on some of the walls and windows in a few places (lighting probably built)

- Improved Warmup Screen "Monster has been picked" text to be more clear and colorful to better indicate if you were picked or not.
- Server Browser has been cleaned up and now has labels at the top.
- Fixed how servers are laid out on the server browser, so information should no longer be cut off or offset strangely in some cases.
- Added some animation to opening the server browser, because that will fool you into thinking this is a Triple-A game.
- There's now a new Store button in the main menu, as well as a new look for the store button in the customization menus.
- Reduced the overall size (but widened) buttons on the customization menus for a cleaner, more minimalist look.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug where Monster Objective's Panel was not properly counting total or current Spacemen kills
- Fixed bug with up-down aiming animations on Spacemen. Spacemen can now be seen looking up and down again in third person.
- Fixed some bugs in Tutorial Level related to new systems, changes in systems, changes to health station, and some other things of that nature.
- Fixed bug where after a power outage was restored, transmitters that were finished would show they were red/stopped even though they were already completed.
- Fixed bug where Airlock 'flappy wind' noise would persist after ending.
- Fixed bug where players with the Magnetic Boots perk could get stuck indefinitely in the airlock.
- Fixed bug where a Spaceman standing in an Airlock with Magnetic Boots active would be sucked out of the Airlock if a second non-Magnetic Boots Spaceman stepped into it.
- Fixed a bug where HUD/2D sounds would play or overlap multiple times when triggered as host.
- Fixed a few instances of repeating/duplicate warning or notification messages displaying on HUD.
- Flamethrower now uses smarter logic to dictate when it makes sound or fires flame particles. Should eliminate bugs involving the Flamethrower firing sounds and/or particles playing when it's not being fired. - Fixed bug where a Monster shapeshifting to a dead spaceman's color would sometimes cause them to appear invisible to everyone.

Aaannnnnd that's all for now, folks! Next patch is expected to add a slew of remaining features for our trip to Version 1.0, as well as even more bug fixes, audio dialog and lore, and quality of life improvements. New maps will arrive over time as well. <3, Zag


The Health Station

In The Company's efforts to enforce Health and Safety Standards required by Galactic Law and to fund various managerial training excursions on the exotic moons of Paradise IV, Health Stations now emit friendly recordings to keep you energized and remind you that your health is our top priority. And you should use them. Often.

Shiny – Update 0.2.6

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.6 "Shiny"

Summary: This patch is a bunch of polishing maps, with a focus on performance and bug fixing! We play Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Real talk.

Change Notes:

- Abduction: Leveled out a terrain dip that could cause player's to get stuck in the tunnel by the EME.
- Abduction: Added better lighting to the broken roof hole to make it more obvious there is a hole in the ceiling.
- Abduction: Moved various objectives and item spawns a bit closer to the house.
- Abduction: Added a few fences and rocks as cover in the more open areas outdoors.
- Abduction: Widened the second story chimney drop to make the drop easier for players.
- Abduction: Moved a few of the more sneaky Research Samples into slightly more obvious locations. (Example: One that was behind the generator is now slightly to the side of the generator.)
- Abduction: Added some additional furniture to some of the rooms on the first floor of the house.
- Echo: Improved some art in various parts of the station.
- Echo: Signage fonts have been improved and adjusted some.
- Echo: Added some covering geometry above the doors in The Tube, along with some lighting improvements particularly near the EME platform by the Engine Room.
- Echo: Massive Level of Detail (LOD) improvements, cutting down about 50% of the rendered polygons at distance. This should yield some good performance gains not only on Echo but also other maps that share similar assets.
- Hypertrain: Fixed a door rotation bug that occured after repairing doors with a welder.
- Hypertrain: Some art improvements, particularly regarding the floors in some areas. Less stretched textures, more detail.
- Hypertrain: The glass in the showers of the green Bunk Car now has a texture, making it easier to see where glass is (and isn't.)
- Fixed issues with the Generator looking super low detail even when close to it
- Fixed potential issue with characters being unable to properly drop off ledges while crouching
- Welder range increased from 150 to 300. To repair doors, you typically still need to be aiming at the door panel or doorframe.
- Research Sample and some other objectives have better LODs as well, cutting down on wasted polygons, meaning your GPU is working a lot less hard in some areas.
- Glass has been changed to be rendered with the scene, yielding much higher performance in maps with lots of windows. Some minor visual side-affects may occur in certain scenarios.
- Glass now has a more obvious texture and is overall less translucent.
- Transmitter text has been simplified and font has been changed slightly. Now Transmitters will read "OFFLINE" "IN PROGRESS" and other shorter phrases than they had previously, for more direct clarity of what's going on with a transmitter.
- Transmitters are now slightly less CPU intensive, and a little smarter in how they signal their status across the network.


Cosmic Abundance – Update 0.2.5

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.5 "Cosmic Abundance"

Summary: This patch is just a bunch of quality-of-life bug fixes, for the most part. We play Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Real talk.

Change Notes:

General Stuff:
- Fixed incorrect icon on the "Sorry" emote in the Emote Radial Menu
- Post game scoreboard now shows who is talking, indicated by a blue speaker icon next to their name on the scoreboard
- Cameras should no longer go black after the power goes out.
- Stun Baton should no longer loop its "zapping" sound in spots it was used last.
- Reduced Stun Baton charges to 6, from 8.
- Fixed various issues with flamethrower and welder sounds/effects persisting after the weapon has stopped firing, or when pulling the weapon out after firing it as you put it away.
- Repositioned third person muzzle effect on Flamethrower to be closer to the actual muzzle instead of floating in front of the weapon.
- Fixed bug where transforming while holding a sealed sample would make your first person gun show up while in monster form. [Thanks Sirbungee for providing reproduction steps!]
- Fixed bug where Pilot helmet showed Level 22 to unlock, but it actually unlocks at 25. (Now it shows 25 and unlocks at 25.)
- The ramps and bridges on Tidal Lock now glow on the edges for better visibility of viable pathways.
- Tons of objects now have additional "Level of Detail" (LOD) meshes. These LOD meshes allow objects to drop to lower detail when further away, meaning your PC spends way less time and energy rendering polygons that you can't even see. This means Tidal Lock, and most other maps, will perform better on lower end PCs. High end PCs may also experience some performance gain from this.
- Some menus, such as the Main Menu or Lobby, now do a quick fade in animation instead of abruptly appearing onscreen.
- Fixed issue where clients would see an incorrect (or blank) Server Name at the top of the pre-game lobby screen.


Filthy Parasites! – Update 0.2.4

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.4 "Filthy Parasites"

Summary: New patch. No vlog this time, but lots of great fixes, new parasite animations, weapon responsiveness, and more! I (Zag) am now hosting weekly community matches at 11 AM PST, every Saturday on our Discord! Don't miss out! Read on for dev vlog and patch notes!

Change Notes:

General / Spacemen Gameplay:
- In an effort to make things more responsive on clients, even (especially) when laggy, many tweaks have been made to make gunplay and other interactions feel much smoother and more responsive.
- You can no longer interrupt your button push animation with another button push if you are already pushing a button.
- Weapon switching is now instant on the client side, meaning even if you're lagging, you can still switch to your other weapon right away with no lag or delay.
- Firing effects (sounds, recoil) have all been moved to the client, meaning firing a weapon feels more instantaneous even if the resulting bullet takes a moment to hit its target due to high latency.
- The prompt and interaction for stealing a keycard instantly goes away now once the card has been taken. You can no longer spam keycard stealing on a single target. (This didn't affect gameplay or provide additional keycards, it was just visually amusing. FUN SILLY BUG REMOVED.)
- Spacemen are no longer automatically removed from cameras when their oxygen is depleting. They will now only be removed from cameras when they take actual damage to their health.
- Overhead Map no longer gets 'scrambled' with objective icons from the previous round(s).
- Overhead Map no longer stays open if you are killed while viewing it.
- The damage noise (when YOU get hit) volume has been lowered a bit, and now has a little more variety.

- The EME HUD waypoint can now be seen clearly on foggy or dusty maps.
- Fixed a bug where some Emergency Mass Ejector objects would get stuck in the upper tube when preparing to launch.
- Fixed a bug where some Emergency Mass Ejector objects would still be grabbable after they were supposed to have already launched, allowing them (while invisible) to be moved, carried, and even scored repeatedly.

Monster Gameplay:
- Monster Taunt Sound when selected as Monster in Warmup Screen is now a bit quieter
- Monster Color Picker no longer stays open if you are killed while viewing it.
- The Egg Parasite now has entirely new artwork and can be seen crawling out of the egg [GIF] when it's activated.
- Egg Parasite now hatches from the egg and faces (follows) its nearest potential target if one is available.
- Egg Parasite now has a leap animation.
- Fixed bug where in some cases other players could not see a Parasite attached to someone's face.
- Cleaned up some of the Parasite attack logic to be more consistent.
- The Parasite now has a new and louder sound when it emerges from its egg
- The Parasite now has a new and louder sound when it leaps at its target
- Changed parasite-on-visor art to match the new artwork
- Monster Decoy now correctly respects Big Head Mode.
- Fixed bug where Monster could not eat Spacemen corpses when it should have been able to.
- Improved the visuals on Thermal Footprints and not because Rainbow Six Siege totally stole my idea

Angels / Heaven:
- Spectator cameras no longer have the "TV" effect over them and therefore now show the true-color and look of the scene.
- Death cameras no longer rotate or spin on their own and can be manipulated in some cases with the mouse.
- Added slight vignette to the spectator cameras.

- The color "Skin" has been changed to "Flesh" because Rygizons from the Xsh'bantu Nebula were offended that their iridescent blue skin color was left out of The Company's alien-awareness initiatives.

- Tidal Lock: Moved a few player spawns that were intersecting furniture.
- Architects: Fixed a totally hidden and secret easter egg no one knew about or whatever
- Gardens: Removed a player spawn that was outside
- Spaceburbia now has some distance fog and improved lighting.

Lobby and Menus:
- Lobby: The Host can now choose to play on a Random Map, instead of picking one specifically.
- Lobby: Customization Spacemen no longer rotates (locally or on network) and the buttons for rotation have been hidden
- Cleaned up UI on the Server Browser a bit
- Fixed issue where Perk Button icons (when being selected) were covering the selection and lock-in indicators.
- The menu "Stat Card" in the top right now has a dark gray background, instead of blue.
- New Host Match Setting: Unlimited Time. [GIF] If this option is checked, the round will only end if objectives are completed or if one "team" is eliminated.
- New Host Match Setting: No Rescue Shuttle. If this option is checked, the Spacemen can still do objectives (for Employee Points) but will never be rescued by a Shuttle and must kill the Monster in order to win.
- Fixed bug where Show Killer HP wasn't properly being set.

Items and Perks:
- Most guns (including Welder) now have a muzzle flash/effect in first person.
- Cleaned up the art for third person muzzle flash on weapons.
- The Shotgun now has 3rd person animations [GIF], including pump action after shots as well as when it overheats.
- Multiple weapons now have a unique equip sound when switching to them.
- The Scanner now shows the Monster on the overhead map if they are in Monster Form (and don't have Chitin, which still hides Monster from the overhead map)
- Stun Baton max charges reduced to 8, from 10
- Shotgun now has a steam/cooloff particle effect when it animates during the overheat sequence.
- Fixed Assault Rifle's muzzle flash in wrong location
- Handgun fire sound is a tiny bit quieter

Other Changes / Fixes:
- Mouse sensitivity can now go all the way down to 0.001


Happy New Fear! – Update 0.2.3!

UPDATE: Hotfix 1 released!

Hello Astronauts! We had some great games yesterday and an awesome time! We've rolled out a hotfix this evening that addresses multiple issues. See further down in the blog for the main patch notes and vlog if you haven't seen those yet!

Change Notes:
- Fixed lighting issues on all maps (many maps appeared very dark when the lights were supposed to be on)
- Fixed Monster Terror SFX playing when you're the monster in Monster Form
- Fixed volume on Monster Terror SFX in general
- Monster Terror SFX are now properly tied to SFX volume channel instead of Master volume channel
- Stun Baton now stuns for 3 seconds, down from 5.
- Supply Crates have been adjusted to the correct size they were before the Christmas update.
- Fixed 3D HUD models going transparent when the power is out in a map (General transparency issues still present, however)
- Hypertrain death zone (if you fall off etc.) now has the correct damage type
- Fixed major issue with certain clients in a multiplayer game not being able to move

Original Blog Post Below

Hello Astronauts!


v0.2.3 "Happy New Fear!"

Summary: As the Unfortunate Spacemen beta hurls uncontrollably into 2017, vomiting everywhere and screaming into the abyss, a new map is dropped, and a whole ton of new animations and HUD improvements are spewed across the stars. Don't miss out! Join our Discord chat or I'll eject you out of an airlock! Read on for dev vlog and patch notes!

Change Notes:

General / Spacemen Gameplay:
- There is now a button push / interact animation when interacting with things. This animation will stop your movement and will mean interactions are no longer instant (though they are still fairly quick.)
- This button push animation shows up in first person AND third person, meaning all interactions, including door locking and stealing keycards will be visible to other players, accompanied by a sound effect.
- All Spacemen now have access to the security cameras at any time by pressing the 4 key.
- Security Camera overlay UI has been cleaned up and reorganized some.
- Employee of the Month popup at the end of the round is now 3D and animated, instead of a still picture.
- Customization of the Employee of the Month winner now reflects that player's customization setup, including body type, helmet, and visor.
- Added some animations and additional sounds to the Warmup (loadout picking) screen UI, to better indicate which role you were picked for.
- The Spectator / Killcam now rotates smoothly.
- Complete overhaul to the button prompts in the bottom left of the HUD
- Overheating bar and text is a bit smaller on HUD, and closer to the crosshair.
- There is now an additional HUD warning for 2 minutes remaining.
- Map now has sound effects when opening and closing it.
- XP gain rates have been decreased slightly. A win is now worth 200 points, down from 300, and a loss is worth 75, down from 125. (All other additional XP gains are unchanged.)
- Camera now fades in from black when you first spawn into the game, because polish is awesome. Not polish like the hot dogs, but polish, as in rubbing stuff until it's shiny. ... You know what, forget it. You know what I'm talking about.
- Removed Fresnel effect by default. Used to be 0.5, is now 0. This effect still happens when damaged, but overall this change results in HUD being much easier to read, especially near the edges.
- HUD is less squished overall
- All text on the HUD has been replaced by icons
- There is now a visible cooldown meter on the Shove button in the lower left of the HUD.
- All button prompts in the lower left area of the HUD have been enlarged to be more readable.
- All cooldown bars on the HUD are much more vivid now and are now placed over the icon, instead of the button prompt for them.
- The button prompts along the bottom of the HUD have been re-ordered some, and Monster abilities have a space between them and regular Spacemen abilities.
- The bottom left representation is no longer a 2D image and is now an actual 3D view of your character in their current color state and will also animate when shapeshifting. (Known Issue: Green colors or reflections will often go transparent due to current shader tricks. Will tidy this up later.)
- Spacemen flashlights now have a glare effect when you look at them
- All footstep-related events for both Spacemen and Monster now trigger properly when moving backwards and strafing, meaning you can now properly hear footstep sounds when traveling any direction.
- There is now a jump animation. It's pretty okay and stuff.
- There is now a fun fact and unique death message for being crushed to death by the Rescue Shuttle.
- Punch has a new sound effect
- The frost on a Spaceman's first person visor glass is now a bit less extreme

- Lowered the emissive glow on the Landing Pad material, previously too bright in the dark.
- Added a decal to the center of landing pads, to make them look a little more interesting.
- Shuttle Pilot camera now shows up on HUD when he's speaking.

Monster Gameplay:
- The Monster can no longer place Acid Bombs or Parasite Eggs when burrowed.
- The Warmup screen now tells you if you have been selected as the Monster in the final 5 seconds. This is accompanied by a monster roaring sound, to psych you up or whatever.
- Acid Bomb and Monster Egg now have new HUD icons.
- The Monster's HUD prompt for "Press N to place remote arm" has been moved up some, closer to the "Press E to" interact prompt text.
- Fixed an instance where Remote Arm would sometimes not trigger properly
- Lowered volume on the Monster Transform sound effect and there is now a greater variety of sounds that can play when transforming

Angels / Heaven:
- Angels can now spectate players directly (they can also still use the cameras if they'd like)
- Waypoints no longer show up below Heaven while an angel, but DO show up when spectating players and cameras.
- Monster's Toxic Ink Cloud perk has been buffed. Radius increased from 230 to 275. Damage per 0.5 seconds increased from 3 to 5.
- Monster Egg/Acid Bomb cooldown now shows up on the HUD in the bottom right, alongside other cooldown timers
- Buttons re-organized a ton. Egg laying icon is now on the bottom left of HUD with other button prompts, instead of on the right.
- Burrow and Void Blink now have a visible cooldown bar.
- Monster Egg and Acid Bomb now have a cooldown bar over the icon, including number of seconds left.
- Monster Egg cooldown is now 120 seconds, down from 180 seconds, meaning the Monster can lay eggs a bit more often (Must be in Monster Form to do so.)

- You can now view AND customize your full Spaceman customization in the lobby scene (you can NOT see other players customization, for tactical reasons.)
- You can now customize your Perk Loadouts while in the lobby.
- KNOWN ISSUE: Height does not scale your spaceman in the lobby, due to some visual bugs. Height still saves properly, it just won't show visually right now when in the lobby.
- All image-based visors (ex: eyeball) now work better with the bubble helmet and avoid stretching the texture in strange ways.
- NEW VISORS: Levels 1 through 15 will each unlock a Billiards Ball visor for the corresponding number. (1 ball at level 1, 8 ball at level 8, and so on.)

- Fixed Fuchsia. It is now a pink color, instead of a blue-green, for whatever reason that happened.
- New color available: Black, the color of space, and seriously dark.
- New color available: Actinic, a purpley color, at least in your lame human spectrum.
- New color available: Hooloovoo, a super intelligent blue color.

- Christmas decorations have been taken down. Happy New Year!
- NEW MAP - Tidal Lock: A 3-tiered ship repair dock floats ominously above a gas giant. This map is filled with precarious bridges and numerous traps.
- Abduction: Fixed issue with server not properly waiting for clients to load this map (also fixes lack of loading screen when loading Abduction)
- Abduction: Changed collision on some of the ceiling boards in "the roof hole" to prevent players from getting stuck.
- Abduction: UFO now has a new place to drop down, from the "Crate Room" of the UFO.
- Abduction: UFO now has some new walls in the center tractor beam chamber in order to block certain lines of sight and jump paths, as well as mark a more obvious way to jump down from the UFO.
- Abduction: UFO Power Switch has been moved to the opposite side of the central tractor beam chamber.
- Abduction: UFO's "low gravity area" on the tractor beam has been shortened some, to make it easier to jump down from the center without being sucked back into the beam.

Lobby and Menus
- The entire lobby interface has been improved with small tweaks
- Name of server you're in now shows up at the top of the lobby screen
- Map image now animates when it's changed by the host.
- Totally new look for the lobby scene and a much darker background altogether.
- The lobby now has a confirmation when you try to leave, to avoid accidental leavage
- Menus now make noises when hovering over buttons and some older sounds have been replaced with new ones
- New Host Match Setting: Show Killer HP. If this is turned on (default), your killer's HP will be shown on death.
- "Mutators" text changed to "Modifiers" in Host Match Settings.
- Enlarged tooltip space on Big Stat Card to avoid cutting off the text inside it.
- Changed some font on the warmup screen.
- In the Settings menu, there are now 3 options for Window Mode. Fullscreen, Windowed Fullscreen (also known as Borderless Windowed), and Windowed.
- Added a "Medium" graphics quality level, between High and Low.
- Added an additional graphics quality level, "Awful", which turns off shadows entirely and will allow more of our favorite toasters to run the game. (More progress on this in the future.)
- New icon for View Overhead Map hover-button in lobby
- The Main Menu has been re-organized slightly, and has two new buttons; a link to the @UnfortSpacemen Twitter, and a link to our bustling and TOTALLY AWESOME Discord Chat (aka Zag's Meme Farm.)

Items and Perks:
- Springy Step perk increases the speed of button push (and other interactions) by about 3x.
- The Security Camera Viewer gear item has been removed from the game in favor of allowing ALL Spacemen to access cameras at any time.
- Security Guard perk no longer spawns with a Security Cam Viewer.
- Scanner ping has a new, less annoying sound effect.
- Overhead Map now has text "Scanning..." if you have a scanner equipped.
- Scanner now scans the map once every second, instead of once every 5 seconds.
- Fixed: Scanner makes pinging noise after the map is already closed.
- Spicy Meme Cannon (er, Flamethrower) sound system has been totally revamped and should no longer play sounds at strange times, such as when no one is firing it.
- To better balance the Flamethrower, the weapon now makes a gas hissing noise when it's out, which other Spacemen can hear from a distance.
- The Flamethrower has a new 'stop/start' firing sound, a more subtle flame sound, instead of that loud 'clunk' noise.
- Fixed a whole bunch of "hand IK" issues, meaning Spacemen will hold their items in a more proper manner in third person.

Other Changes / Fixes:
- Fixed Radio Jammer text to be correct, instead of "Use Object"
- Fixed Health Station text to be correct, instead of "Use Object"
- Fixed: Weapon shows up in hands when unarmed after droppping a large object such as Research Sample or Supply Crate.
- Fixed some major bugs on Tutorial, such as unlocked doors that should be locked, invisible first person arms, and things like that. The tutorial still needs some more cleanup and doesn't explicitly respect all of the new rules and changes to the game in the last few months -- but overall, it works start to finish again.
- Flashlight is no longer hidden inside the head when Big Head Mode is enabled
- Potential fix for same player being picked as Monster two rounds in a row when others have opted in.
- SteamVR should no longer launch when Unfortunate Spacemen is launched. (Spacemen does NOT officially support VR at this time.)
- Potential fix for the disappearing map bug
- Airlock button now glows red when the airlock is unavailable.
- Upgraded from Unreal Engine 4.12 to 4.14
- Some metallic textures are a bit lighter, making interiors in certain places a bit less dark when the lights are on. (Example: Inside Abduction's UFO)
- Lowered volume of Task Completed sound, and no longer allow multiple instances of this sound to play on top of another