Greetings Astronauts!

v0.2.17 "The Survival Update"

Summary: In the 14th update of 2017, the largest update of 2017, Zag is forced by his maniacal overlord publisher to add a COOPERATIVE SURVIVAL MODE to Unfortunate Spacemen. And it turns out to be awesome! Also, new suit artwork, handgun customization, and LOADS more that can't even begin to be summarized here! Oh, and the Steam Summer Sale starts TODAY, so the game is 50% off for the duration! I'll try to get a dev vlog made this week! I've been too busy making this awesome update to make fancy videos! Come say hi on Discord!
<3 Zag

UPDATE: Vlog is here!


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord server to take part in the fun! Also, much of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

Change Notes:

- Survival Mode is a wave-based cooperative mode in which Spacemen band together (or go in solo!) to survive as many waves as possible. You can access this mode by pressing HOST GAME in the Main Menu, and clicking on the far right option labeled SURVIVAL.
- In cooperative modes such as Survival, weaponry cools down at twice the rate, and all weapons have been tweaked in this mode. Guns often do more damage than in the regular Shapeshifter game mode, and that's not even including the Survival Perks you unlock as you survive waves!
- Survival Mode supports up to 10 players, or you can even play it by yourself if you're feeling brave!
- New Survival-only Weapon: The Auto-Shotty. You'll know it when you see it.
- The Rocket from the Rocket Launcher Travels much faster in Coop modes, and has a slightly smaller blast radius.
- The Frag Grenade has a much shorter fuse in Coop modes. Be careful!
- The Railgun does significantly more damage to Monsters in Coop modes.
- Without any extra perks, weapons cool off 50% faster in Coop modes.
- Health Stations are extremely fast in Survival Mode and are removed from cooldown at the end of every wave, if they weren't in use when the wave ended.
- Power Weapon Canisters unlock instantly, every other round, up to 15 canisters. The unlocks are completely random at this time.
- In Survival mode, there is a Life Pool that all Spacemen share. You get a life for every wave you clear, and these lives are consumed when a Spaceman respawns after a wave is cleared. First dead is first to respawn. If you are not yet in Ghost form by the time the wave ends, you will not respawn that wave.
- Every wave you survive will grant you an additional Survival Perk. Most of these perks are shown at the bottom of your HUD, but some are currently not displayed, such as Brawler (additional punch damage and your shove deals damage) or Moon Boots (you can jump higher.) This info will be improved in future updates.
- Survival Mode features a good bit of new dialog from your lovely suit, as well as bold and encouraging messages from The Company Spokesman as you set off in your survival.
- Survival Mode has NO time limit or wave limit. More progression may be added at a later date, but we don't imagine most players will have an easy time reaching the difficulty caps.
- Voice Chat is GLOBAL in Survival Mode.
- Your fellow Spacemen will have their Steam name visible below their color when looking at them.
- In Survival Mode, anyone joining late (not present in lobby) will go straight to being a Ghost instead of spawning in immediately. After that, they will be put in the spawn queue like normal Ghosts. If you join late, you can not choose a loadout at this time. (This will likely change in future updates.)
- Survival Mode Monsters will sometimes use their shapeshifting abilities to turn into Human form. In this form, they will use their handguns with extreme prejudice.
- Survival Mode Monsters are deadly, but typically weak in terms of health. They will gain stats for every additional Spaceman in the game, and will gain stats and additional perks as the waves progress.
- Handguns with no owner are removed every round to prevent build-up of handguns from the Monsters that spawn. Bodies and blood are also periodically cleared to keep your framerate space-buttery smooth.
- Players can not spawn with a Welder in Survival mode - for now. This is probably a temporary restriction until the Monster AI is a little smarter about doors. You can keep your keycards, though.
- There are 2 maps shipping with the Survival update today.
- NEW SURVIVAL MAP: Grand Hall. Based on the Grand Hall area of the dusty Architects map, this landing site is filled with catwalks, ramps, and high towers. Last one out turn off the artifacts.
- NEW SURVIVAL MAP: Claustrophobia. This map takes place in the now-abandoned rooms and corridors of Outpost 13, and darkness has claimed much of the facility. The exterior structures and many parts of the area are inaccessible. Many doors and objects are moved or removed to accommodate survival-style gameplay. No air outside. Tight halls inside. Fight for every room.
- The overhead maps for Survival will be updated at a later date to better reflect changes from the original map they were based on.
- Survival Mode has many more maps, achievements, and rewards planned for its future.
- Much of the AI in Survival Mode lays groundwork for Shapeshifter mode with an option for Monster AI, and another upcoming Cooperative Missions mode.

General Improvements:
- Pain sound when taking damage in first person have been changed a bit, and made louder.
- There is now some very minor screen shake when you take damage.
- Fixed: Bot firing sound is not respecting volume sliders correctly.
- Height text is now hidden on Spacemen HUDs to reduce clutter. (Still shows on Monster HUDs.)
- Fixed: Keycard pickup sound bypasses the user's volume settings.
- Fixed: Hitmarker sounds could duplicate on top of each other, especially when hitting targets with multiple shotgun pellets.
- There are new gore stumps for headless bodies, decapitated heads, and corpse piles. BEGONE, HIDEOUS CYLINDERS.

Monster Improvements:
- When a Monster's head is shot off, there is now a proper monster head on the decapitated helmet.
- The name of the player who was the Monster now appears on the "COLOR WAS THE MONSTER!" Game Over screen, so everyone knows right away who it was without having to wait for the scoreboard.
- Fixed: If you hold down full-auto firing on the Assault Rifle and transform, the Assault Rifle will continue to fire.

Perk Improvements:
- Air-dodging has returned. Monster's with Posterior Claws can now air-dodge by double-tapping a direction while in the air. (They can also dodge on the ground, like normal.)
- The Action Hero backpack now has proper backpack artwork, instead of being a stupid box. If your first Spaceman loadout has the Action Hero perk, this backpack now also shows up on your character in the main menu (but currently not the lobby.)

- All prices on the Unfortunate Space Store have been lowered by about 50% or more across the board. Animated Visors are typically more expensive that Regular Visors, and Flag/Country Visors are now 99 cents USD or equivalent. All helmets are now $4.99 USD or equivalent. How's that for space madness?
- Astro and Robro helmets are now purchasable in the Unfortunate Space Store.
- The Default Space Suit now has brand new artwork, featuring higher quality textures, leather harnesses, sweet space boots, and more.
- This also means new First Person arms, including new animations for many items and uses. More on the way! (We're just getting started.)
- All helmets have been rescaled slightly to better match their original designs and fit with then new suit design better.
- Security Guards (bots) now have a new suit appearance and a Security Guard Robro head. Because they're bots!
- Removed motion blur from Spacemen customization camera so taking screenshots of your customized dude aren't ALL BLURRY AND STUFF.
- Fixed: Last Preview Color does not properly save or set between main menu and lobby, or defaults back to white constantly.

Ghost Improvements:
- Oxygen and Shapeshift bars now show up over Spacemen heads for Spectator Ghosts. Blue is oxygen, orange is monster. Bots have a white bar instead. Hopefully this will give Spectators a better read on what's going on.

Items and Weaponry:
- The Handgun has been completely revamped and many other weapons will follow suit.
- The Company Pistol is a Company-issued handgun, and is fully customizable in both paint color and amount of wear and tear.
- You can now Inspect the items you're holding by pressing H (default.) Interrupting it with other actions or pressing H again will stop the Inspection animation. Admire your shiny weaponry!
- Security Guards spawn with a randomly colored handgun.
- Unlike most weapons, you can now swap your current handgun for any other handgun you might find, whether you find a color you like better or simply want to look at someone else's weapon. You can still not carry 2 handguns, however.
- Fully Automatic weaponry should now have a consistent fire rate. (HUGE!)
- Fixed: Client gun's often (or always) fail to lose accuracy when they are fired rapidly.
- Tracers are now far more instantaneous (to reflect the hitscan nature of most weapons.)
- The recoil/feel of first person weapons has been drastically improved.
- The Handgun now has a new firing sound, including distant gunfire sounds.
- The Shotgun now has a new firing sound.
- The Assault Rifle now has a new firing sound.
- The Railgun now has a new firing sound.
- Fixed: Some weapons would fire (or sound like they're firing) twice for the person firing it.
- Items now spread out randomly when dropped. They can still be randomly placed on top of each other, but it's far less likely.
- Fixed: Weapon muzzle flashes and tracer locations are sometimes seen emitting from places that don't seem quite right to the wielder.
- The Assault Rifle is now colored green, instead of blue.

Menu Improvements:
- The Spaceman Customization menu now has a new layout and a fancier grid of buttons.
- There are now UI noises when you move the Height slider in the Customization Menu.
- The Settings menu is now all left-aligned so on wide setups the settings are still found close together.
- Fixed a case where "OPT IN AS MONSTER" text would show up during late-join.
- Screen Percentage has been renamed to the more correct Resolution Scaling in the settings menu.
- Fixed: Escape Menu Settings menu goes off the screen in some aspect ratios.

- TVs and Microwaves now have proper collision.
- Improved the accuracy of collision on some cloth-covered crates.
- Most mesh walkways on maps can be shot through and will no longer block explosion damage.
- Spaceburbia: Fixed physics craziness on the hanging Spaceman cocoons present in Orange's House. - Subject 42 is still missing.

What's next? More improvements, tweaks, Monster AI, and... Coop? 🙂
<3 Zag

Recruitment – 0.2.14

Greetings Astronauts!

v0.2.14 "Recruitment"

Summary: In the 11th update of 2017 Zag drops a vlog covering this patch and 0.2.13, improves Ghost spectating, adds a brand new abandoned training facility map, and some more great little tweaks!


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord server to take part in the fun! Also, much of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

Change Notes:

- The Company's Non-Discriminatory Training Facility has been out of commission for no particular reason, for no particularly specific amount of time. The Company has decided to send some Spacemen to assess the damage, or something.

General Improvements:
- The Monster Health Bar is now visible to Ghosts when the Monster is in Monster Form. This bar is orange. (As before, red bar = Human Health)
- Ghosts can now see one another as dim, floating helmets with angel wings.
- By looking at a ghost, ghosts can now see one another's name and what color they were in a previous life.
- Flamethrower "passive gas hiss" is now a bit louder and plays at all times, even when dropped on the ground.
- Fixed: Transmitter pylons are not connected properly to the rotating dish.
- Potentially Fixed: Players sometimes get "left behind" by the Shuttle even though they are clearly on-board when the door shuts. [still under investigation]
- Fixed: Potential issue with Steam Inventory Helmets and Visors not always following the same code rules as the other buttons in the selection menu.

What's next? An explosive new arsenal, more fixings and polish, and some more stuff I'll keep secret until the time comes!
<3 Zag

Trading Blows – 0.2.13

Greetings Astronauts!

v0.2.13 "Trading Blows"

Summary: In the 10th update of 2017 Zag cleans up some bugs, adds randomized visors and helmets, updated some maps, and balanced a bunch more gameplay!


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord server to take part in the fun! Also, much of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

Change Notes:

Steam Trading Cards:
- Steam Trading Cards are currently undergoing review by Valve. When they are live, this will be updated. Trading Cards, along with the emoticons, badges, and profile backgrounds available from them should be live and dropping (via playtime) within the next week or so - at most.

General Improvements:
- Proximity VOIP Range has been decreased to 3400, from 3500. (1 meter less than before)
- The VOIP indicator that floats near a talking Spaceman has received updated art and animations.
- Control lockout when grabbing or interacting has been extended very slightly so that (especially on laggier clients) you can not look away from the item before successfully grabbing it.
- Fixed: The server is not properly waiting for everyone to reload the map before starting the game. (aka The Loading Screen Bug)
- Fixed: Spacemen will sometimes get stuck inside doorways if the door is locked or welded while they are standing in the doorway.
- Doors now deal 15 damage if you are in the threshold when the doors are locked or welded shut.
- Health Bar is no longer visible to Syringe-holders if the "person" is in Monster Form.
- Health Bars are now 50% thinner so they take up less screen real-estate.
- You can now Mute Voice and Unmute Voice by clicking on a player's name in the Lobby and selecting that option from the dropdown.
- As there is currently no way to mute or unmute a person during gameplay, there is now a button in the Settings menu; "Clear Muted Players List." This button will remove all muted players in the list. If you would like to mute ALL voice chat, simply lower the Voice Volume slider to 0. This is, however, considered anti-social and frowned upon by Company supervisors, who are encouraged to uphold Socialization Order Delta 0-FF.
- The dropdown menu when clicking on a player's name in the lobby has been improved and cleaned up. It now also includes the name of the player you clicked on, at the top, in case the menu itself is obscuring this information.
- Lobby Host Match Settings have been drastically reduced in font size, in anticipation of additional match settings, and to look a bit sleeker than before.
- Font on HUD names has been changed.
- Font in bottom left HUD color has been changed.
- Fixed: Keycard icons are visible before game starts even if your loadout or setup does not have a keycard.
- End-game Spacemen Win and Monster Win music has been changed entirely, and now waits to play until the Scoreboard pops up.
- Employee of the Month sequence has been improved and shortened some. It also has some new sound effects and confetti.
- The death camera has been moved closer, to avoid intersecting walls as often as it currently does. This system will probably get a large rework in the future to be more reliable and never leave you looking at something boring both upon death and at the end of the round.

Monster Improvements:
- Nictitating Health Bar visibility ranged increased from 500 to 600.
- Monster Health Gain Per Level reduced to 35, from 40.
- Monster Health Gain Per Level (after level 6) reduced to 12, from 15.

Perk Improvements:
- The Monster is now immune to the effects of Antibodies Poisoning IF they have the Antibodies perk in their selected Monster loadout.
- Fixed: Antibodies description text claims it makes you take less damage from exposions and fire. (This was incorrect. Now the correct effect is listed; Antibodies Perk makes Spacemen immune to the Colorblind Virus.)

Ghost Improvements:
- Health Bar visibility range to Ghosts increased from 500 to 1400.
- Ghost first person cameras now have post-processing and shader settings similar to that of Spacemen, particularly with the removal of scanlines and blue-ish tint on the screen.
- Ghosts can no longer see Thermal Footprints, since this was only added to help them find Spacemen. (Now they can see Spacemen through walls.)

Objectives / Machines:
- Radio Jammer object now has new artwork on its screen.
- Potential fix in place for some occupants of the Shuttle failing to get properly marked as such by the server.

- The gear item formerly known as GPS Locator and then renamed to Buddy System has been renamed again. It is simply now called "Radio" to better illustrate its purpose.
- Health Syringe Health Bar visibility ranged increased from 500 to 600.

- The VISOR PICKER and HELMET PICKER have been completely revamped. You can now select ANY number of VISORS and HELMETS from the menus. These selections will be highlighted as your Favorites. Each round, one of your Favorite Visors and one of your Favorite Helmets will be picked at random. (If you only want one constant apperance like before, simply pick a single Favorite.) There is also now a button for selecting all visors / helmets, as well as de-selecting all visors / helmets. Upon saving or upon loading, the visor / helmet previewed on your character will be a random visor from your list of Favorite Visors, so don't be shocked if you look different every time you get into the main menu or lobby.

- All maps now have at least 10 potential Transmitter locations, so many maps have new places Transmitters can appear at.
- The Map Picker has had some minor layout and visual changes.
- Fixed: Map selection buttons look like plain squares when clicked after being selected.
- Maps now state their overall size in the description, mostly based on how big they *feel*, not necessarily exact dimensions. These sizes are Small, Medium, Large, and Huge. There is also a "Tiny" category that may be used in a future map.
- The Company has now given all facilities a Hazard Rating. This rating is visible on the map selection screen, and indicates the general environmental hazard level of a given map. For example, Tidal Lock, with all of its airlocks, droppable bridges, and general lack of railings, has a Hazard Rating of 3 - the highest rating. Echo, with a mix of both, is a Hazard Rating of 2. Gardens, with a lack of these sorts of environmental hazards, has a Hazard Rating of 1, the safest rating. You can hover your mouse over a map's Hazard Rating for additional information.
- Duress: This map now has a unique ambient musical track like the other maps do.
- Duress: Trams now travel about 10% faster.
- Duress: The scanner in the Processing room now emits a loud beep if the Monster walks through it.
- Duress: Station 1 seats were raised up slightly, making them appear much bigger than other seats in other stations. This has been fixed.
- Duress: Added some precomputed visibility zones for (hopefully) improved performance on this map.
- Duress: Improved collision on the back of Trams to prevent Spacemen from being shoved or otherwise pushed inside the rear geometry of the Tram.
- Duress: Ghosts now properly collide with the fridges in the Kitchen.
- Duress: A player spawn that was facing a very dark wall on the upper platform by Construction has been moved some to be less disorienting.
- Duress: The small bridge connecting Artifact and the Power Station has had a railing added to the inner side.
- Duress: Added some cross-beams on the glass in Artifact room, to make it more clear that you can not walk through that portion of the room.
- Tidal Lock: All rooms on Level 1 now have a grate covering the back of them so Spacemen can no longer fall down and get stuck below.
- Tidal Lock: The central bridge on Level 3 has been moved over some, in order to no longer collide with the Power Bridge below when the bridge is dropped.
- Outpost 13: Fixed positioning of the blood on the new power switch art for improved ENVIRONMENTAL STORYTELLING.
- Spaceburbia: Added some art and details outside of the playable area, such as trees and homes.

What's next? Probably another map, and more polish on the existing systems. And maybe some more items... But I don't want to talk about such an explosive possibility just yet.
<3 Zag

Monster Gameplay 2017

Hello Astronauts!

I played some awesome games with the community on April 30th, and had a wonderful round as the monster, which I've commentated and whatnot. If you're new to Spacemen, this is a great example of how to play the Monster (and play your opponents!) If you're not new, enjoy the video - it's a riot!