Dev Vlog 3 & v0.1.7 “Greater Heights” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

v0.1.7 "Greater Heights"

Summary: A new dev vlog! Height customization, new items, new balance tweaks, lots of UI fixes, and a whole bunch more!

Change Notes:

Spacemen Gameplay:
- Spacemen are now awarded Employee Points for launching Research Samples into space from an EME
- Spacemen are now awarded Employee Points for launching a Supply Crate into space from an EME
- Credit is now properly given to the Spaceman who was last to leave/drop an objective in the EME's contact zone
- 50 Employee Points are now rewarded for turning a Generator back on during a power outage
- 1000 Employee Points are now rewarded to any Spaceman who survives the Shuttle escape.

Monster Gameplay:
- Remote Arm should work again (UE4 bug reset some "Can Have Arm" type variables on objects, hopefully it won't do it again)
- Made Footprints Great Again
- Thermal Footprints now respect Left vs. Right foot
- Thermal Footprints now fade over time, instead of just disappearing instantly
- Fixed issue where Thermal Footprint decal was super thin
- Burrow decal now fades over time once the Monster unburrows
- Monster's first-person arms are no longer visible to the Monster when burrowed
- Monster with Chitin perk no longer shows up on the Scanner map while in Monster Form
- Monster with Chitin perk no longer shows up on Thermal Vision while in Monster Form
- If a Monster does not have a keycard, they will now steal a keycard from a Spaceman when using Burrow Trap. (If the target also has a keycard)
- Monster Opt In Button now has a completely new and sleeker look, with reduced text clutter as well
- The Monster will now be poisoned for 3 minutes if they eat a Spaceman corpse who had the Antibodies perk. When poisoned, Monster Health Regeneration is completely halted.

Items / Gear:
- NEW GEAR ITEM: Vision Enhancer. By pressing 3, cycle through Night Vision and Thermal Vision.
- Night Vision provides much better light in the dark, and without any of the downsides of a visible flashlight.
- Thermal Vision provides a glimpse through walls and reveals burrowed Monsters, but hinders your ability to see what's going on around you in detail.
- Flamethrower residual flames now rapidly deal damage to anyone in contact with them (they last about 5 seconds)
- Flamethrower damage per flame hit reduced to 7, was 8
- The Noise Grenade and Flare projectiles now fizzle out and leave behind charred remnants when they end.
- The Flare fired from the Flare Gun now deals 40 fire damage to the first Spaceman it contacts, if it hasn't hit anything prior to that.
- Flare Gun now has a proper first and third person mesh
- Stun Baton now has a proper first and third person mesh
- Bots are now stunned by Stun Baton

Assault Rifle:
- Assault Rifle has received large balance, feature, and visual changes.
- Assault Rifle damage to Spacemen is now 6, down from 9. Damage to Monster is unchanged.
- Assault Rifle time between shots increased to 0.1 up from 0.075.
- Assault Rifle and Handgun now have bullet spread. The longer you fire in sustained bursts, the less accurate the weapon will become. This makes the AR more accurate in short bursts, but much less accurate than ever before if you simply hold down fire.
- Assault Rifle can now zoom in, complete with zoom animations and sound effects!
- Assault Rifle is now semi-automatic when zoomed.
- Assault Rifle is now using the older model with the scope. Looks and feels better with the new zoom functionality.
- When zoomed with an Assault Rifle, names of Spacemen can be read from much further away.
- If shot, you will be knocked out of zoom.

- You can customize your Spaceman's height from the customization menu. (Does NOT affect Monster Form height) Height will mildly affect your camera position and hitboxes. This has mild effects on balance and is entirely by design. Enjoy being tall, short, or anywhere in between!
- The Monster will correctly mimic the height of a Spaceman when disguised as them, including camera height.
- Bots now get a random height at the start of a match, for further variety.
- New (FREE) Voice Pack: Trooper. The only thing this space trooper hates more than an alien is two aliens. (voiced by Oz Hansen)
- New (FREE) Voice Pack: Tom Videogre. Our first community-created voice pack! An Australian in space? At least, this isn't his first time with creatures trying to kill him! (voiced by Tom Videogre)

Menus / UI:
- The text that previously said "YOU ARE DEAD" now changes to display a different message depending on cause of death. (For example: A death by flamethrower spaceman now says "SCORCHED")
- The icon that previously always showed a Handgun now changes to display a different icon depending on cause of death. (For example: an explosion-induced death now shows a frag grenade)
- Fixed length cut-off issue with some text on the You Died screen
- Changed the coloration and font of various parts of the You Are Dead UI to be more readable and more appealing to your eyeballs.
- Improved appearance of the "You are a Spaceman" "You are the Monster" intro text when round starts.
- Reduced the opacity and changed color of the map pulse effect when the Scanner refreshes the map
- Research Samples that have been launched no longer show up on the map when Scanner is active
- Fixed bug where overhead map icons would be incorrectly rotated on certain maps.
- Fixed bug with the Objectives panel displaying "{total}" instead of the actual number.
- On the Objectives panel, Spacemen now see a green checkmark next to completed tasks.
- On the Objectives panel, Monsters now see a red exclamation point next to tasks that Spacemen have completed.
- Fixed some GUI placement on the main menu and server browser
- Customization menus no longer have buttons on them if the feature is not in the game. (example: Suit customization button is now removed.) If the features do eventually show up, the buttons will return.
- New desktop splash image for the game when it's initially loaded
- Please Wait popup now has a 60 second timeout, just in case it gets stuck (rare condition)

Known Issues:
- Spacemen no longer animate looking up or down. Something broke with our animation blending setup when we upgraded to UE4 4.12.5 and we'll need to suss out what it was. For now, this is turned off in the interest of getting the patch available.


Dev Vlog #2 & v0.1.6 “Spaceburbia” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

New Dev Vlog!

v0.1.6 "Spaceburbia"

Summary: A new dev vlog! A new map, new perks, new items, and more!

Change Notes:

- Much of this patch's development time went into fixing join/late-join issues, particularly involving an internal Unreal Engine bug out of our control. We upgraded UE4 to 4.12.5 and it seems to have corrected the issue. Please report any remaining issues with joining, late joining, and 'possessing' (assuming control of) your character when you join a game. Thank you for your patience with this issue!

- NEW MAP: Spaceburbia. A small quiet space suburb set on a massive space station. Everything is very normal in this neighborhood, and nothing suspicious ever happens.
- Echo: Spacemen on the roof of The Tube should no longer be in the oxygen zone of the The Tube.

Spaceman Gameplay:
- NEW SPACEMAN PERK: Chocolate-Flavored Space-Milk (or Chocolate Milk, for short.) When not on cooldown, upon reaching low health or lethal damage, you will chug Chocolate Milk and restore to full health. However, during this time you will be stunned. Afterwards, you will gain increased (Spaceman) movement speed for 5 seconds. 5 minute cooldown. Blast Shield will NOT be triggered if this is available at the time of lethal damage.
- UPDATED SPACEMAN PERK: If they have a keycard, Security Guard perk now allows the Spaceman to use their keycard to override a locked door thereby unlocking it.
- UPDATED SPACEMAN PERK: Security Guard perk now spawns the Spaceman with a Stun Baton instead of a Handgun. The Security Guard perk will override the Assault Rifle from the Action Hero perk. (You can't spawn with the Action Hero Assault Rifle if you have Security Guard perk)
- Punching is now a thing. If you have no items in your hand, you can punch for very low damage. Currently has a sound effect, but no animation.
- Transmitter, Generator, and EME locations now show up on the map for everyone.
- Removed existing Transmitter/Generator/EME locations on the overhead map graphics for all maps.

Monster Gameplay:
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Void Beast. Unlocked at Rank 21. You become a void beast from the blackest depths of space. Dark whispers and mist follow you wherever you go while in Monster Form. When you press B, instead of burrowing, you teleport a short distance with your Void Blink ability.

- NEW GEAR ITEM: Scanner. When opening the map, or every 8 seconds while the map is open, the Scanner will reveal the current location of every remaining Debris pile, Research Sample, and Spaceman (whether dead or alive, without indication of which.) Great for hunting down Spacemen, grouping up, or locating the remaining objectives. Only 1 Scanner will spawn per round.
- NEW ITEM: Stun Baton. Zaps anyone in range, stunning them in place for 2 seconds. Has 3 charges before being destroyed. Security Guard perk spawns with a Stun Baton. Does not yet work on bots.
- Oxygen Tank icon updated to better match style of other icons.
- Handgun Buff: The Handgun's Damage-To-Monster is now 8.5 per shot, up from 7. Damage against Spacemen / Spaceman form is unchanged.

New Spaceman Colors Added:
- Watermelon (pinkish)
- Chocolate Chip (brown)
- Pineapple (yellow)
- Peach (peachy orange)
- Beige (beige)
- Vomit (gross green)
- Coffee (brown)
- Calcium (white)
- Radium (bright green)
- Iron (dark gray)
- Titanium (blue-gray, near white)
- Cobalt (darker blue)

- The Perk Selection Menu now displays the required rank to unlock a locked perk.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where Spacemen would sometimes get a blank (appears black) color on round start or when joining the game.
- Fixed an issue where invisible walls (to stop Spacemen from wandering out of bounds) would also block bullets.

Known Issues:
- Spacemen no longer animate looking up or down. Something broke with our animation blending setup when we upgraded to UE4 4.12.5 and we'll need to suss out what it was. For now, this is turned off in the interest of getting the patch available.
- Due to a bug in Unreal Engine, our interactable objects randomly lose their unique "Use Object" text string (example: Press E to Lock Door) and instead show "Press E to Use Object." This will be corrected, but generally has to be overridden by hand and takes a lot of time. We're looking towards Epic for a fix on this one. Thanks for your patience!


Dev Vlog #1 & v0.1.5 “Acid Reflux” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

New Dev Vlog!

v0.1.5 "Acid Reflux"

Summary: A new dev vlog! Tons of new monster perks, a couple new items, bug fixes, and more!

Change Notes:

- Much of this patch's development time went into fixing join/late-join issues. This should help to (or entirely) sort out the largest issues that reuslted in players getting stuck or not properly getting spawned into the game when joining late. Please continue to report any issues encountered in our bug report forums. Thanks!

Spaceman Gameplay:
- NEW SPACEMAN PERK: Welder. Spawn with a Welder tool that can fully repair broken doors and cameras. - The Antibodies perk now reduces toxic and acidic damage by 30%. - Spacemen now react with physical hit reactions when impacted by bullets. - Spacemen heads can now be decapitated if the last damaging shot is a headshot

Monster Gameplay:
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Nocturnal. While the power is out, your Monster form gains 35% increased movement speed (does not stack with Posterior Claws) and 10% additional Claw and Burrow Trap damage. When the lights are shut off by a Monster with this perk, you will hear a distinct sound, and your HUD will alert you that the monster thrives under these dark conditions.
- When Nocturnal mode is active, the Monster's night vision is better, and a purple color, instead of orange.
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Toxic Ink Cloud. Upon transforming to monster form, the monster squirts a cloud of toxic ink that lingers for 10 seconds and deals damage to any Spaceman that enters it.
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Acid Monster. Your monster form bleeds acid on nearby Spacemen when taking damage, and instead of laying a regular egg, you lay an Acid Bomb that detonates when a Spaceman gets too close to it.
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Decoy: When shapeshifting, a decoy monster will be placed in front of you and lasts for a short duration.
- The Spaceman Antibodies Perk will reduce Toxic/Acid damage by 30%
- Monster Egg now displays a hitmarker when hit
- NEW OBJECT: Radio Jammer. Monster can trigger this device one time per round. Lasts 60 seconds. No text or VOIP communication can be used amongst Spacemen during this time. Monster Remote Arm works with Radio Jammer.

- NEW GEAR ITEM: GPS Locator. Spawns in a pair. One spawn per map. When active, the GPS Locator displays a waypoint on the HUD for anyone else with a GPS Locator equipped.
- Flamethrower now fires at a slightly slower rate of fire
- Updated Flare Gun item icon to look like a flare gun
- Flare Projectile has vastly improved visual FX, including a bright flickering light

- Kema: Added a second colorblind virus sample to the Greenhouse
- Added 1 Radar Jammer location to all maps

- Made some of the HUD button prompts about half as large.
- New image for Suit Lock
- Updated most of the skill icons with new artwork (all placeholder art still, just better)

- Servers can now be named, instead of just using the Steam display name - Servers can now be passworded - Server browser will no longer show servers that are not the same game version. For example, 0.1.5 server will not show up to someone still on 0.1.4, and vice versa.

Misc Small Stuff:
- Fixed a bug where the map selection in the lobby could choose "blank" or none as the map under certain conditions.
- Fixed a bug where carried items would repeatedly increase in size if you switched to Monster Form while holding them
- Made customization buttons on main menu a tiny bit smaller
- Build watermark is now a bit larger
- Updated Unreal Engine 4 trademark in the credits to match format Epic prefers


v0.1.4 “Sunny Side Up” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

v0.1.4 "Sunny Side Up"

Summary: 2 brand new Monster abilities (Monster Egg and Burrow Trap), new Health Syringe features, tons of fixes to joining and late joining games, along with lots of little bug fixes.

Change Notes:

- Most of this patch's development time went into fixing join/late-join issues. This should help to (or entirely) sort out the largest issues that reuslted in players getting stuck or not properly getting spawned into the game when joining late. Please continue to report any issues encountered in our bug report forums. Thanks!

Monster Gameplay:
- NEW ABILITY - Monster Egg: By pressing R in Monster Form, the Monster can now lay an egg. This egg acts as a proximity alarm, showing nearby Spacemen. If Spacemen get too close to an active egg for too long, they will be attacked by an alien parasite. (You'll know when you've been grabbed - trust us.) At that point, their only hope is that someone else will shoot the baby alien murder machine off of their face. The egg can be destroyed, and each egg can only be triggered once. The Monster can lay an egg about once every 3 minutes. Status of egg-laying ability shows up in the bottom right by the Keycard and Flashlight status indicators on the HUD.
- NEW ABILITY - Burrow Trap: The Monster can now attack with LMB while burrowed. This will grab the first nearby Spaceman (within about 1 meter of the burrow location) and pull them into the Monster's mouth, where he will chomp on their feet for 1 second, dealing 50 damage.
- Monster's Remote Arm status in bottom right of HUD now indicates which object the current remote arm is attached to (if any), in the case of very forgetful monsters

- You can now press RMB to use secondary fire on items that support it. Only the health syringe currently has a secondary fire mode.
- Health Syringe can now left-click to heal a target, and you can right click to heal yourself. Either option will consume (destroy) the health syringe.
- The Monster is now kicked out of shapeshift form if he or someone else uses a health syringe on him. The Monster's human health still receives the heal benefit, however. This is now accompanied by a warning to the Monster, as well.
- Fixed bug where the Health Syringe wouldn't reliably play its sound effect when used by a client

- Transmitter warning buzzer delay time after being shut off lowered to 3 seconds, from 5 seconds.
- Unsealed Research Samples now cause your suit's geiger counter to go off when nearby. A small tip to help you locate them.
- Sealed Research Samples now have a new look, a green egg in a box, so they are not confused with the Monster's ORANGE egg location icon

- Fixed issue with map picker not allowing the host to select a map or simply acting weird after re-opening or returning to lobby
- Potential fixes for weird issues occuring after coming back to lobby after round limit is reached

Heaven / Angels:
- Fixed bug where Angels couldn't open cameras after using Escape Menu
- Fixed bug where Angels could get stuck in their Escape Menu if they try to open cameras while Escape Menu is up on screen

Menus / HUD:
- Fixed bug where Visor and Helmet picking menu wouldn't show the selected visor/helmet data on the right side of the panel
- Changed font on intro text when you spawn
- Loadout cards on Warmup screen are now about half as large
- Changed up a bunch of fonts and font sizes in the warmup and match starting screens

- Fixed (for real this time!) a bug causing the airlock magboots "wind noise" to play forever.


v0.1.3 “Friday the 0x0Dth” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

v0.1.3 "Friday the 0x0Dth"

Summary: Lots of little fixes to the way we handle game joining and preventative measures for various HUD-stuck issues and airlock issues.

Change Notes:

- Airlock now has a timed failsafe that should cause it to close if it somehow gets stuck open.
- Airlock cooldown time lowered to 180 seconds, from 200 seconds.

Game Join / Late Joiner Handling:
- More in depth checks for who is taking which characters at round start
- If you are a late joiner, the Warmup screen now reflects this and you can no longer opt-in as monster nor choose monster loadouts.

- Fixed missing black panel behind door lock screen display
- Assault Rifle now has some red on it, because that's more menacing or something.


v0.1.2 “Emergency Crash Ejector” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

v0.1.2 "Emergency Crash Ejector"

Summary: Lots of crash fixes, a few small tweaks to balance, some bug fixes all across the board, and a few brand new features.

Change Notes:

Engine Upgrade: (IMPORTANT!)
- UE4 version upgraded from 4.10 to 4.11.
- Small side affect: Depth of Field has been disabled, as it is broken (in windowed mode) in UE4 4.11. Will re-enable it when a stable UE4 build is out that contains the fix. If you see a black screen or black background in the menus or elsewhere, please go to your graphics settings and simply change your settings once. This should remove Depth of Field if it was somehow turned on. If you are not using windowed mode, this might not even be an issue.
- Potential Side Affect: It's possible there are some mouse cursor visibility issues as well, a side-affect of upgrading a project from 4.10 to 4.11. We will get them fixed as swiftly as possible. In the meantime, know that your mouse cursor is still there, and becomes visible if you hold down your cursor over a menu button. Hopefully you don't experience this issue too often, or at all.

Crash Fixes:
- Potential fix for crash encountered when starting a round
- Potential fix for crash encountered when selecting a color from the monster's appearance menu
- Potential fix for some fairly random crashes caused by various interacting systems

Spaceman / General Gameplay:
- Spacemen (and the Monster) can now hold the J key to view themselves (from the front) in third person. This helps the Monster see exactly what they might be disguised as, and is just kinda neat-o.
- Large improvements to the joining and late-joining systems that could cause all kinds of issues, such as getting stuck locked out, or not spawning properly. If you join late, but during or right after the initial spawning wave, you may have to wait about 10 seconds or so before the game decides what to do with you. In most cases, you should start the spawn sequence immediately if less than 5 minutes has elapsed. If more than 5 minutes has elapsed, you should now correctly go to Heaven and spectate the rest of the round.
- Lowered kill camera angle by a bit, to better show the dead monster at the end of the round. This is the same camera used for viewing yourself in 3rd person, and when showing who killed you, so these will be somewhat lower as well.
- The Congratulations/Failure bar at the end of the game is now mostly transparent, so you can see the surrounding scene more easily.
- Changed font and some spacing on the Congratulations/Failure bar when the game ends.
- Flamethrower now stops playing its SFX if the game is over
- Post Game Scoreboard now shows who was the Monster, indicated by the (you guessed it!) monster icon
- Post Game Scoreboard now shows who died during the round, indicated by a (yep!) skull icon
- Post Game Scoreboard now shows who was not in the round, but instead was an angel spectator the whole round, indicated by a camera icon (and lack of color designation)
- Improved overall look and coloration of the Post Game Scoreboard
- The Emotes Radial Menu has been cleaned up a bit, both visually and layout-wise, moving the Close button to the center.
- Changed the placeholder art for the Action Hero perk as it appears in the Gear Slot when in use
- Gear items now appear on the back of a Spaceman, so others can tell what gear item they have.
- Fixed visual bug where dropping some items would make a small cube appear on the item
- Overhead map should now always close upon death and not get stuck on the screen
- Corpses should no longer be able to win the game when all the spacemen are dead
- Objective Notifications (example: All Transmitter Uplinks Established) can no longer pop up after the game is over.
- Radial Emotes Menu and Crosshair should no longer stay up after death.
- Increased resolution of the blocky pixel effect and lowered intensity of vignette on security cameras.
- Fixed bug where late-joiners and Angels couldn't see player suit colors and would see everyone colored white. Also fixed a bug where the late-joining player would visually show up as white to everyone.

Monster Gameplay:
- VOIP icon no longer shows up when Monster is burrowed
- Slightly increased volume on Monster terror SFX
- Removed many of the blood particles from Monster transform. Possible cause of framerate spike when monster changes in front of spacemen.
- If the Monster is Employee of the Month, the wallpaper behind the photo is now covered in somebody's blood. Probably not his.
- The Monster can now arm airlocks and turn off the power by swiping the buttons/levers with their claws while in monster form.
- Monster Shapeshift Energy decay per second has been increased to 0.75, from 0.5. This means the shapeshift will wear off slightly quicker now, as we found Monsters have been getting too comfortable in their human skin.
- Along with the existing sound effect, the Monster will now receive a red-text warning on their HUD when their shapeshift is getting low, to make this more clear to the player.

- If a player tries to join a server that is not the same version, an error message should now pop up, instead of simply booting them from the game.
- Double-clicking on a server in the server browser will now give instant feedback and tell you that you're attempting to join a server, instead of simply sitting there for a few seconds doing nothing.

- Echo: Apparently someone broke the gravity generator, because there were a couple potted plants floating in a hallway. Those are no longer floating.

- Fixed issue with bots not receiving their colors in some cases
- Bots no longer see or shoot at the monster (much) if the monster is burrowed


v0.1.1 “Hull Repair” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

v0.1.1 "Hull Repair"

Change Notes:

- Potential fixes for various crashes encountered during play or on round start
- After 20 seconds, "Waiting for Players to Load" will force the game to start anyway, instead of waiting for a potentially crashed player to load.
- The Item Store now works. You can buy cosmetic items like visors and helmets, if you want!

Spacemen Gameplay:
- When the Monster dies, there is now a 0.25 delay before zooming the camera to the death location. Hopefully this will scare people less.
- Late joiners are now spawned into the game if less than 5 minutes have elapsed (Hooray!)

Monster Gameplay:
- Fixed bug where Monster couldn't turn into colors of dead characters
- Removed visible raytrace from corpse gib pile
- Monster Claw Damage is now 11, down from 12.
- Monster Claw Damage Per Level is 3, down from 4.

- Sealed Research Samples should now more reliably return to their original position after 90 seconds of not being held by anyone.

- Added player count back to the server list
- There is now an option in the Settings menu to invert your mouse or controller Y-axis

- Reduced Heaven bloom to about 25% of what it was


Now available on Steam Early Access!

Hello Astronauts!
We're overjoyed to announce that Unfortunate Spacemen is now available on Steam Early Access!


Here's a quick guide to your survival in space!
  • The game is in the Alpha stage of development and is not finished. Our release version today is 0.1.0. We have officially exited the Pre-Alpha stage. If you are new to Early Acccess titles, or just want to know more about the development plan, check out our Development Starmap to see where we're at, and help you better make the best decision of your life - picking up this sweet multiplayer game!
  • The game is $14.99 USD, or cheaper, if you qualify for various discounts, such as the first week discount, or other loyalty rewards from owning or backing our past games. When logged in, you'll see whatever discount is available right there on the store page.
  • If you already own the game or are just now picking it up, you're probably ready to jump right in! Great. We'll see you there! Just make sure you check out the How to Play guide accessed from the main menu, and set up your Skill Loadouts for both Spacemen and Monster, accessed from the Customization Menu.
  • If you're brand new (and you probably are), you'll want to join an existing server, or host one of your own and invite some friends, or wait for some people to join.
  • If you're new, you also may want to not press that "Opt In As Monster" button when the round starts. Until you get the hang of the basics, that is. The Monster requires a bit more strategy, skill, and manipulation. But we won't stop you from trying!
  • Like the game? Leave a positive review on Steam so others know too, and help build our growing community! Many, many more updates on the way!
  • If you run into bugs, issues, need help with something, or just want to talk about the game, please don't hesitate to pop over to our forums. Geoff "Zag" Keene (the lead developer) hangs out there all the time.

Geoff also wrote this blog post, and frequently talks about himself in third person. See you in space, Astronauts!