Happy New Fear! – Update 0.2.3!

UPDATE: Hotfix 1 released!

Hello Astronauts! We had some great games yesterday and an awesome time! We've rolled out a hotfix this evening that addresses multiple issues. See further down in the blog for the main patch notes and vlog if you haven't seen those yet!

Change Notes:
- Fixed lighting issues on all maps (many maps appeared very dark when the lights were supposed to be on)
- Fixed Monster Terror SFX playing when you're the monster in Monster Form
- Fixed volume on Monster Terror SFX in general
- Monster Terror SFX are now properly tied to SFX volume channel instead of Master volume channel
- Stun Baton now stuns for 3 seconds, down from 5.
- Supply Crates have been adjusted to the correct size they were before the Christmas update.
- Fixed 3D HUD models going transparent when the power is out in a map (General transparency issues still present, however)
- Hypertrain death zone (if you fall off etc.) now has the correct damage type
- Fixed major issue with certain clients in a multiplayer game not being able to move

Original Blog Post Below

Hello Astronauts!


v0.2.3 "Happy New Fear!"

Summary: As the Unfortunate Spacemen beta hurls uncontrollably into 2017, vomiting everywhere and screaming into the abyss, a new map is dropped, and a whole ton of new animations and HUD improvements are spewed across the stars. Don't miss out! Join our Discord chat or I'll eject you out of an airlock! Read on for dev vlog and patch notes!

Change Notes:

General / Spacemen Gameplay:
- There is now a button push / interact animation when interacting with things. This animation will stop your movement and will mean interactions are no longer instant (though they are still fairly quick.)
- This button push animation shows up in first person AND third person, meaning all interactions, including door locking and stealing keycards will be visible to other players, accompanied by a sound effect.
- All Spacemen now have access to the security cameras at any time by pressing the 4 key.
- Security Camera overlay UI has been cleaned up and reorganized some.
- Employee of the Month popup at the end of the round is now 3D and animated, instead of a still picture.
- Customization of the Employee of the Month winner now reflects that player's customization setup, including body type, helmet, and visor.
- Added some animations and additional sounds to the Warmup (loadout picking) screen UI, to better indicate which role you were picked for.
- The Spectator / Killcam now rotates smoothly.
- Complete overhaul to the button prompts in the bottom left of the HUD
- Overheating bar and text is a bit smaller on HUD, and closer to the crosshair.
- There is now an additional HUD warning for 2 minutes remaining.
- Map now has sound effects when opening and closing it.
- XP gain rates have been decreased slightly. A win is now worth 200 points, down from 300, and a loss is worth 75, down from 125. (All other additional XP gains are unchanged.)
- Camera now fades in from black when you first spawn into the game, because polish is awesome. Not polish like the hot dogs, but polish, as in rubbing stuff until it's shiny. ... You know what, forget it. You know what I'm talking about.
- Removed Fresnel effect by default. Used to be 0.5, is now 0. This effect still happens when damaged, but overall this change results in HUD being much easier to read, especially near the edges.
- HUD is less squished overall
- All text on the HUD has been replaced by icons
- There is now a visible cooldown meter on the Shove button in the lower left of the HUD.
- All button prompts in the lower left area of the HUD have been enlarged to be more readable.
- All cooldown bars on the HUD are much more vivid now and are now placed over the icon, instead of the button prompt for them.
- The button prompts along the bottom of the HUD have been re-ordered some, and Monster abilities have a space between them and regular Spacemen abilities.
- The bottom left representation is no longer a 2D image and is now an actual 3D view of your character in their current color state and will also animate when shapeshifting. (Known Issue: Green colors or reflections will often go transparent due to current shader tricks. Will tidy this up later.)
- Spacemen flashlights now have a glare effect when you look at them
- All footstep-related events for both Spacemen and Monster now trigger properly when moving backwards and strafing, meaning you can now properly hear footstep sounds when traveling any direction.
- There is now a jump animation. It's pretty okay and stuff.
- There is now a fun fact and unique death message for being crushed to death by the Rescue Shuttle.
- Punch has a new sound effect
- The frost on a Spaceman's first person visor glass is now a bit less extreme

- Lowered the emissive glow on the Landing Pad material, previously too bright in the dark.
- Added a decal to the center of landing pads, to make them look a little more interesting.
- Shuttle Pilot camera now shows up on HUD when he's speaking.

Monster Gameplay:
- The Monster can no longer place Acid Bombs or Parasite Eggs when burrowed.
- The Warmup screen now tells you if you have been selected as the Monster in the final 5 seconds. This is accompanied by a monster roaring sound, to psych you up or whatever.
- Acid Bomb and Monster Egg now have new HUD icons.
- The Monster's HUD prompt for "Press N to place remote arm" has been moved up some, closer to the "Press E to" interact prompt text.
- Fixed an instance where Remote Arm would sometimes not trigger properly
- Lowered volume on the Monster Transform sound effect and there is now a greater variety of sounds that can play when transforming

Angels / Heaven:
- Angels can now spectate players directly (they can also still use the cameras if they'd like)
- Waypoints no longer show up below Heaven while an angel, but DO show up when spectating players and cameras.
- Monster's Toxic Ink Cloud perk has been buffed. Radius increased from 230 to 275. Damage per 0.5 seconds increased from 3 to 5.
- Monster Egg/Acid Bomb cooldown now shows up on the HUD in the bottom right, alongside other cooldown timers
- Buttons re-organized a ton. Egg laying icon is now on the bottom left of HUD with other button prompts, instead of on the right.
- Burrow and Void Blink now have a visible cooldown bar.
- Monster Egg and Acid Bomb now have a cooldown bar over the icon, including number of seconds left.
- Monster Egg cooldown is now 120 seconds, down from 180 seconds, meaning the Monster can lay eggs a bit more often (Must be in Monster Form to do so.)

- You can now view AND customize your full Spaceman customization in the lobby scene (you can NOT see other players customization, for tactical reasons.)
- You can now customize your Perk Loadouts while in the lobby.
- KNOWN ISSUE: Height does not scale your spaceman in the lobby, due to some visual bugs. Height still saves properly, it just won't show visually right now when in the lobby.
- All image-based visors (ex: eyeball) now work better with the bubble helmet and avoid stretching the texture in strange ways.
- NEW VISORS: Levels 1 through 15 will each unlock a Billiards Ball visor for the corresponding number. (1 ball at level 1, 8 ball at level 8, and so on.)

- Fixed Fuchsia. It is now a pink color, instead of a blue-green, for whatever reason that happened.
- New color available: Black, the color of space, and seriously dark.
- New color available: Actinic, a purpley color, at least in your lame human spectrum.
- New color available: Hooloovoo, a super intelligent blue color.

- Christmas decorations have been taken down. Happy New Year!
- NEW MAP - Tidal Lock: A 3-tiered ship repair dock floats ominously above a gas giant. This map is filled with precarious bridges and numerous traps.
- Abduction: Fixed issue with server not properly waiting for clients to load this map (also fixes lack of loading screen when loading Abduction)
- Abduction: Changed collision on some of the ceiling boards in "the roof hole" to prevent players from getting stuck.
- Abduction: UFO now has a new place to drop down, from the "Crate Room" of the UFO.
- Abduction: UFO now has some new walls in the center tractor beam chamber in order to block certain lines of sight and jump paths, as well as mark a more obvious way to jump down from the UFO.
- Abduction: UFO Power Switch has been moved to the opposite side of the central tractor beam chamber.
- Abduction: UFO's "low gravity area" on the tractor beam has been shortened some, to make it easier to jump down from the center without being sucked back into the beam.

Lobby and Menus
- The entire lobby interface has been improved with small tweaks
- Name of server you're in now shows up at the top of the lobby screen
- Map image now animates when it's changed by the host.
- Totally new look for the lobby scene and a much darker background altogether.
- The lobby now has a confirmation when you try to leave, to avoid accidental leavage
- Menus now make noises when hovering over buttons and some older sounds have been replaced with new ones
- New Host Match Setting: Show Killer HP. If this is turned on (default), your killer's HP will be shown on death.
- "Mutators" text changed to "Modifiers" in Host Match Settings.
- Enlarged tooltip space on Big Stat Card to avoid cutting off the text inside it.
- Changed some font on the warmup screen.
- In the Settings menu, there are now 3 options for Window Mode. Fullscreen, Windowed Fullscreen (also known as Borderless Windowed), and Windowed.
- Added a "Medium" graphics quality level, between High and Low.
- Added an additional graphics quality level, "Awful", which turns off shadows entirely and will allow more of our favorite toasters to run the game. (More progress on this in the future.)
- New icon for View Overhead Map hover-button in lobby
- The Main Menu has been re-organized slightly, and has two new buttons; a link to the @UnfortSpacemen Twitter, and a link to our bustling and TOTALLY AWESOME Discord Chat (aka Zag's Meme Farm.)

Items and Perks:
- Springy Step perk increases the speed of button push (and other interactions) by about 3x.
- The Security Camera Viewer gear item has been removed from the game in favor of allowing ALL Spacemen to access cameras at any time.
- Security Guard perk no longer spawns with a Security Cam Viewer.
- Scanner ping has a new, less annoying sound effect.
- Overhead Map now has text "Scanning..." if you have a scanner equipped.
- Scanner now scans the map once every second, instead of once every 5 seconds.
- Fixed: Scanner makes pinging noise after the map is already closed.
- Spicy Meme Cannon (er, Flamethrower) sound system has been totally revamped and should no longer play sounds at strange times, such as when no one is firing it.
- To better balance the Flamethrower, the weapon now makes a gas hissing noise when it's out, which other Spacemen can hear from a distance.
- The Flamethrower has a new 'stop/start' firing sound, a more subtle flame sound, instead of that loud 'clunk' noise.
- Fixed a whole bunch of "hand IK" issues, meaning Spacemen will hold their items in a more proper manner in third person.

Other Changes / Fixes:
- Fixed Radio Jammer text to be correct, instead of "Use Object"
- Fixed Health Station text to be correct, instead of "Use Object"
- Fixed: Weapon shows up in hands when unarmed after droppping a large object such as Research Sample or Supply Crate.
- Fixed some major bugs on Tutorial, such as unlocked doors that should be locked, invisible first person arms, and things like that. The tutorial still needs some more cleanup and doesn't explicitly respect all of the new rules and changes to the game in the last few months -- but overall, it works start to finish again.
- Flashlight is no longer hidden inside the head when Big Head Mode is enabled
- Potential fix for same player being picked as Monster two rounds in a row when others have opted in.
- SteamVR should no longer launch when Unfortunate Spacemen is launched. (Spacemen does NOT officially support VR at this time.)
- Potential fix for the disappearing map bug
- Airlock button now glows red when the airlock is unavailable.
- Upgraded from Unreal Engine 4.12 to 4.14
- Some metallic textures are a bit lighter, making interiors in certain places a bit less dark when the lights are on. (Example: Inside Abduction's UFO)
- Lowered volume of Task Completed sound, and no longer allow multiple instances of this sound to play on top of another


Violent Night – The Christmas Update!

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.2 "Violent Night - Christmas 2016"

Summary: Holiday Special Dev Vlog, tons of bug fixes, a new weapon (the shotgun!), a brand new UFO map, and lots more! Don't miss out! Join our Discord chat or I'll eject you out of an airlock! Anyway, here's a super serious Christmas message from me. (It's not. It's not.)

Change Notes:

General / Spacemen Gameplay:
- The Rescue Shuttle now squishes anyone below it when landing. Watch out!
- "Died" icon on the end-game scoreboard should now be correct
- Death camera (and wardrobe camera) will now rotate if it doesn't have a direct line of sight to the character.
- View Self button prompt is now grayed out on the HUD when unavailable, such as during a Colorblind Virus event.
- Door health has been lowered to 675, from 750.
- Temporary fix for grenades getting stuck in the person throwing them. Not ideal, needs more work.
- The EME should now properly re-open after a Spaceman survives it through the Magnetic Boots perk.
- Being punched to death will no longer tell the victim they were "Clawed to Death" and will better reflect what actually happened.
- Added a Fun Fact to the end scoreboard that can display when someone is punched to death.
- Health Station locations now show on the overhead map
- Player List now accessible by holding F1 key during gameplay. This shows the names and Steam avatars of players, but does not show their color, VOIP status, nor what their status is in the game (for strategic reasons.)
- "Space Madness" Last Man Standing message is now much smaller and doesn't take up so much of the screen. It also is now more readable against scenery.

- A bunch of objectives are now extremely festive.
- New sound for clearing up debris.
- Landing Pads are now gold colored.
- Transmitter Offline buzz now voiced by someone with a much better voice.
- Emergency Mass Ejectors (EME) now have a new sound, and their blast can be heard from much further away, indicating someone just launched an object (or themselves.)
- Transmitters should no longer ever show "User Halted Process" when the Transmitters is already completed
- Objective Completed Checkmark has a new appearance.
- Transmitters are now colored based on current status on the overhead map. Red means Stopped. Yellow means In Progress. Blue means Completed.
- Landing Location is now marked on the overhead map when the Rescue Shuttle is called in.

Monster Gameplay:
- Fixed an issue with visible teeth below monster eggs
- Titanium Claws now do 7x more damage to doors, up from 3x.
- Monsters no longer collide with their own decoy.
- Acid Monster's Acid Reflex (splashing acid on nearby Spacemen) no longer triggers EVERY time the monster takes damage. Instead, it will trigger when the monster takes damage, but only once every 0.75 seconds.
- Acid Monster's Acid Reflex damage is now 7, up from 5.
- Fixed bug where toggling Monster form by pressing hotkey will not choose the correct body type.
- The corpse gib pile (after being eaten by a monster) no longer shows a helmet. Now it shows an ambiguous skull in the pile of meat and blood.
- The Rescue Shuttle will now correctly count a burrowed Monster as "in the shuttle" when it takes off.

- Your character can now be rotated in the customization menus.
- New Helmet: Pilot! Unlocks at Rank 15.
- New Helmet: Bubble! Unlocks at Rank 25.
- Current Body Type (top line) and Height (bottom line) now show up in the lower left area of the HUD. Height is shown as "Short," "Typical," and "Tall." This is also shown on the Customization screen when customizing your height.
- There is now a "Random" Body Type option, which will pick a random Body Type for you at the start of every round.

Bots (aka Security Guards):

Note from Zag: Bots were originally intended to mimic human behavior and substitute human players in a match. In actual practice, this isn't what ended up happening. People typically turned bots off entirely, for many reasons, chief among them being that the monster didn't want to have to go run around the map hunting them down after killing all the players. (And let's face it - bots typically weren't fooling anyone.) I want bots to be something people enjoy having around and including in their games. Therefore, I have opted to make the bots act solely as a helping hand and no longer count towards monster kills. This means bots will be added to games in order to protect and help the players, without the intention of replacing them. We'll see how this goes, and I'll make adjustments from there. More detailed specifics are below.

- Bots have a new, very specific uniform. The Monster can mimic this uniform if they desire.
- Bots (Security Guards) no longer count towards end-game conditions for killing Spacemen. Once all players are dead, the game is over and the monster wins. Unless...
- If the host runs a solo game against only bots, then the bots DO count towards end-game conditions, and this is reflected in the objectives window alongside a disclaimer indicating it's a practice round. (Hold TAB key to view objectives.)
- Bot floppy discs no longer appear black. (Just brown and say SECURITY.) Will do a more proper texture later.
- Default bot count is now 3. With the new rules, this is absolutely recommended for games with few Spacemen. The bots will continue to help with objectives and shoot at the Monster (or who they think might be the Monster.)
- Security Guards are now much more accurate with their handguns and rifles.
- Security Guards now spawn with a handgun (sometimes an assault rifle) and a security cam viewer.
- Security Guards now have the Blast Shield and Medical Nanobot Perks
- Security Guards no longer grant a level up for the Monster, but will still count as an innocent murder for Spacemen.
- Fixed some issues with match settings not showing or carrying over properly

Note from Zag: I am also aware of the potential confusion between "Security Guard" bots and "Security Guard" perk. This will be addressed in a future patch. In the above section, all references to Security Guard are referring to bots.

Maps and Lobby:
- NEW MAP: Abduction! A lonely farmhouse has been visited by an otherworldly stranger... - It's Christmas time in space! Abduction is the official "Christmas" map, but that's only because UFOs tend to invade during Christmas. (LORE!)
- Entirely new look for the map picker.
- Latest map(s) are now indicated by NEW! text in the map picker.
- Overhead map image now shows up in the map picker
- Echo: Oxygen Pumps room now has some ambient sound
- Kema: New lobby image
- A Security Guard now shows up in the lobby, if there are bots in the match.
- Potential fix for issue with Spaceman Rank not showing up properly to other players while in lobby.
- You can now view the overhead map of the selected map, whilst waiting in the lobby.
- Added a plant to the settings menu, because plants are nice and promote healthy well-being.
- Lobby: There is now a countdown tone when the game is started by the host
- Lobby: The screen now fades to black when the game is started by the host
- Lobby: The text input box now stays focused after sending a text message
- Lobby: Ready button text now changes to Unready when player is ready.
- Ready Checkmark in lobby has a new appearance.
- Lobby: Rounds Per Map default is now 4, instead of 5.
- Lobby dropdown when clicking on someone's name in the lobby is larger and the text fits better in the buttons.
- Lobby: There is now a hide-able panel showing the current match settings for everyone to see.
- Match settings button now works in lobby, and all the various match settings for the host to modify have been moved to there.
- New Mutator: Big Head Mode is now a server option that can be turned on by the host in lobby Match Settings. It's really, really silly and might cause other unforseen (or seen) issues. You've been warned -- but have fun!
- Heaven: Improved clarity and lowered brightness of Angel Spacemen texture.
- Heaven: Screen now fades in from white when entering Heaven as a spaceman angel.
- Heaven: Angels can now properly zoom in and out on cameras.
- Heaven: Fixed bug where angel cameras could sometimes get stuck zoomed in.
- Heaven: Angels should no longer be able to get stuck under the stairs in heaven.

Items and Perks:
- New Weapon: The Shotgun! 1 spawns per map. Very deadly at close range, especially against the Monster. - Handgun damage to non-Spacemen (Monster, doors, etc) increased to 10, from 8.5
- Flare Gun has an updated inventory icon
- Action Hero perk has a brand new icon
- Assault Rifle has an updated inventory icon
- Spicy Meme Cannon has an updated inventory icon
- Door Security Override is now voiced by someone with a much better voice.
- Potential fix in place for Door Security Override not working sometimes.
- Welder repair speed increased to 12, from 9.
- Stun Baton now stuns for 5 seconds, up from 2.
- Stun Baton now has 10 charges, up from 3.
- The Security Camera "TV effect" has been reduced by about half, for more clear viewing.
- All camera viewers now reset to default FOV when opening them.
- Increased camera zoom per click (30, up from 15)
- The Scanner gear item now refreshes every 5 seconds, instead of every 8.

Other Changes / Fixes:
- Mouse Look and Mouse Sensitivity settings should now save properly between sessions.
- Tutorial button now says "STORY + TUTORIAL" to emphasize the wonderful story aspects of the tutorial. Just kidding, it's click-bait. Pure click-bait.
- Create Server buttons now make noises when clicked, as they always should have.
- Added more fading to menus when things happen, for a more polished look.
- Changed font on middle of Warmup Screen
- Fixed bug where corpses would lose their color after death.
- Fixed bug where a helmet shadow would appear on decapitated corpses.
- The game now continues to play sound when ALT+Tabbed or the window is not focused. This was primarily changed to allow lobby and heaven players to still hear VOIP chat while out of the window. (Will add more specific settings for customizing this later)
- Fixed some issues with match settings not showing or carrying over properly to the next round
- Black spots on Spacemen suits now have proper texturing.
- Information such as rounds per map and bot count should now show up properly for client (non-host) players.


Patch 0.2.1 “Worth the Weight” (on sale!)

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.1 "Worth the Weight"

Summary: This patch is (worth the weight.) Tons of bug fixes, new body types for your Spacemen customization needs, cameras now zoom, and a whole bunch more! Full patch notes can be found below our community video, which I am going to continue shoving into your faces until you like and subscribe to our Youtube channel and then mindlessly join our Discord chat like a good zombie. Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. True fun fact story.

INTERRUPTING SALES PITCH: Unfortunate Spacemen is 50% off until November 29th! Grab it on Steam or grab it for your friends! Think about all the airlocks you can suck them out of. All the eggs you can lay on their faces. Think about it.

Change Notes:

- You can now select a body type from a dropdown in the customization menu. This body type is purely cosmetic, and is mimicked by the monster when shapeshifting.
- Security Cameras can now be zoomed. Left and right mouse buttons (Right and left gamepad triggers) now zoom the camera in one zoom magnification level. Do this multiple times to zoom in or out further. This works for both Spacemen and Angels. Cameras are now only switched by pressing A and D, or gamepad equivalent.
- Assault Rifle now fires perfectly accurate IF zoomed and if you haven't fired for 0.5 seconds.
- VOIP should now work in the lobby without having to focus the text chat box, on the warmup screen, and in the scoreboard/post-game screens.
- Fixed graphical issue with map title gradient in the map selection screen.
- Changed font in map selection screen.
- Cleaned up the deader parts of Heaven a bit more.
- J key no longer works while colorblind, unless you have the antibodies virus, or are the monster.
- Mouse Sensitivity can now be set in the Settings menu.
- Fixed missing shag carpet textures in Spaceburbia.
- Fixed hit reaction bug causing character mesh to ragdoll and totally flip out ("The Invisible Spaceman Bug")
- Fixed: Heaven missing from Snowswept
- Fixed: Fog covering the HUD flare indicator
- Fixed: Viewing windows in the Command Bunker now have oxygen


The Beta is Here!

Hello Astronauts!
THE BETA IS HERE! You'll know you're on the new Beta patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen. It should look something like this.

v0.2.0 "Excellent Beta"

Summary: The most excellent beta is here. New dev vlog, new community video (yes, TWO videos!), tons of bug fixes, a brand new snowy bunker map, new first person arms, and a whole bunch more! Full patch notes can be found below these two videos.

Change Notes:

Spacemen / General Gameplay:
- Totally new first person arms for the Spacemen! This includes new animations for unarmed, punching, holding the Health Syringe and Stun Baton, and holding and throwing grenades.
- The end-round scoreboard now shows Fun Facts about the game, such as who had been eaten by a parasite, or got acid on their entire body and internal organs.
- Emote Radial Menu is now closeable with the same hotkeys you can use to open it.
- Fixed some bugs with innocent kill messages showing up for the wrong player.
- Reduced Night Vision bloom effect on Cameras and with the Vision Enhancer
- Security Camera Night Vision now has a slightly wider radius for better viewing
- Transmitter 'halted' buzzer now has a voice accompanying it that loudly declares "TRANSMITTER OFFLINE." This was added due to many new players not understanding what the loud buzzing noise was.
Hopefully this will solve that, and also make it slightly more obvious when a Transmitter has been shut off nearby.
- Spacemen and Monster perks now have new icons for much better readability and now share a unified art style

Monster Gameplay:
- If a player color is invalid for any reason, it will no longer show up as a button on the Monster's color selection menu.

- *NEW MAP* Snowswept: Alongside the tunnels that wind this wintery vale, something else twists itself through ice and snow...
- Space Bar: New lobby map image
- Space Bar: Now has space-trucks and other vehicles in the landing lots outside, as well as significant visual upgrades all throughout the map, as well as the skybox.
- Architects: Minor upgrades to the map, lighting, and add some landmarks for better navigation.
- Hypertrain: New lobby map image
- Hypertrain: Large graphical improvements across the map
- Hypertrain: Added connected walkways on top of all the train cars to give the Monster more routes to gain the upper hand
- Hypertrain: Added a couple drop-in hatches to aid the Monster in travel, as well as stalking and ambushing prey.
- Hypertrain: Fixed issue where some doors lost their coloration
- Kema: Optimized lighting for better performance
- Kema: Potential fix for Greenhouse trees acting weird and stretching across the screen
- Echo: Fixed missing oxygen volume in the corner of Pink Room
- Echo: Fixed Yellow Hall oxygen volume, Spacemen should no longer be able to get Oxygen when outside the hall in the Main Hangar
- Echo: Reduced blinding light intensity in one of The Tube rooms
- Echo: Filled some holes that needed filling
- Spaceburbia: Kitchens inside homes now have tiled floors and all other rooms have shag carpet. Yeah. Really.
- Spaceburbia: Added more detail, particularly in kitchens, the main road, and some walls.
- Gardens: New lobby map image
- Gardens: Massive visual upgrade to the entire map
- Gardens: A small oxygenated room now exists on the East side of the map, in the lower trench
- Gardens: Optimized the foliage shaders in this map for better performance, but also made the foliage visible from further away.
- Lobby: Improved the background scene to the game lobby, and moved the camera some.
- Space Heaven: Bot floppy discs now properly fall from the sky when a bot dies
- Space Heaven: A few new visuals and a bit easier on the eyes

Graphical Changes:
- Optimized a bunch of textures to use less space (this should decrease game download size a good bit)
- All 3D font present in levels (things like signage above doors) now use a font that matches the style of the rest of the game.
- Toned down some of the specular effects on various textures, to better fit the desired artistic theme.
- All glass rendering is now slightly better on performance
- Suit Locked HUD indicator should no longer appear blurry under any circumstances, and now looks a bit better.
- HUD waypoints no longer get covered by fog or dust and will show in full color, even from far away, making it easier to find things around various low-visibility maps such as Architects and Kema.
- Improved artwork of menu buttons and menu popups
- Error popups now feature an orange background, instead of the typical blue
- Changed some fonts in the menus to better match the desired theme and style

Misc Stuff / Fixes:
- Fixes for Spacemen spawning without being properly assigned a color
- Fixes for various game reset issues and playing consecutive matches without restarting the application.
- Potential fix for Vision Enhancer not turning off when swapping it for another gear item
- Potential fix for a player's black screen getting stuck black after a round ends with fade-to-black event
- Potential fix for chocolate milk regen not displaying properly
- Fixed a bug where Spacemen with the Chocolate Milk perk could survive being launched by an EME, Airlock, or falling off the map
- Fixed two places where the game was throwing errors on startup
- Updated and re-organized the credits screen
- If a Spaceman leaves the game, the character now dies, instead of blipping out of existance, or not properly going away at all.
- Big fixes to player disconnect and end-game logic
- Big fixes to various mouse cursor / disappearing cursor issues
- Fixed various issues with overhead map failing to come up on screen when it should
- Reduced font size on a few menus
- Removed player's Steam ID from version watermark at the top of the screen
- The server browser now tells you when no servers were found, and suggests the player join our Discord (http://discord.gg/sandswept) to get a game going with other people!


Discord Partnership Obtained!

Hello Astronauts! discordpartner
We are pleased to announce that the Sandswept Community is now an official partner of Discord!

What the heck is Discord and what does this all mean?!
Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.
Here's some of the neat perks we have acquired through partnership:
  • Access to robust VIP voice servers
  • Custom splash screen and vanity URL
  • Early access to new features
  • Expedited support via the Discord Dev hotline
So if you haven’t already joined our Discord server, you should do so right now! discord.gg/sandswept

Dev Vlog 4 & v0.1.8 “Mystery Space Theatre”

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

v0.1.8 "Mystery Space Theatre"

Summary: A new dev vlog! A new map! A new story tutorial thing! And a bunch more!

Change Notes:

- Tutorial / Story segment! Whether you're new to the game or a veteran, the tutorial is full of story, learning, and teaches the importance of magical friendship between coworkers probably.
- The Welcome Screen for new players now recommends the Tutorial, instead of the How To Play guide.
- NEW MAP: Space Bar! Run, hide, and survive throughout the halls, theatre rooms, and alleys as the horror comes right off the screen at this little cinema pub -- in SPAAAAAACE!
- Fixed issue with Tom Videogre's voice pack not being properly selected in game.
- Removed refraction effects on the first person visor, which was causing numerous 'offset' graphical issues on certain visors and all transparent surfaces.
- Various minor improvements to the lobby UI look and feel
- Various texture improvements and reduced unncessary detail on a few textures for a generally softer look (particularly noticeable on wall textures used in Tutorial and Kema)
- Fix to Monster Footsteps and Monster Taunt. They were not localizing the sound properly making it very difficult to tell which direction it was coming from.
- The Overhead map now shows text "YOU" next to... well, you.
- Door status panels now much better illustrate what status the door is in, showing red when locked, and white when open, along with text and imagery indicating this.
- Transmitter's front interaction box is a bit larger now so Spacemen don't have to be quite as precise to press it.
- Players can now look around while suit is locked during prep etc.
- The pilot of Rescue Shuttle 31 has reduced the background noise in his cockpit.
- Spacemen no longer leave their piles of "snow" all over the Landing Pads. They now leave pallets strewn about.
- Fixed link on Main Menu that went to a broken URL
- Main Menu ticker scroll now suggests people join our Discord server!
- Oxygen Tank oxygen gain reduced to 30, from 50.
- Oxygen Tank shapeshift gain for Monster reduced to 30, from 40.
- New Spaceman Color: Skin
- Angel jump velocity increased to 1500, from 1000.
- Angels can now move cameras around while viewing through them. (other players in game do not see this)
- Camera look now respects the user's invert-mouse Y-axis setting and will act accordingly.
- The invisible ceiling on Spaceburbia should no longer block Spacemen ejected from the EME.
- Player scoreboard at end of the game is now sorted by who has the highest Employee Points score.
- Blood trails! Spacemen (and monsters) now leave a blood droplet about once a second, for 5 seconds after taking damage.
- Potential fix for a bug where the host would be forced into someone else's camera after the airlock was done wiggling them


From The Dev: September… IN SPAAAACE!

Greetings Astronauts!

Geoff Keene here. Some people call me Zag, because I told them to.

I used to post "From The Dev" updates only on the Steam forum, but I decided our development blog needs some Major Love. Coincidentally, that's also what the ladies call me.

Some of this will be a repost from the most recent From The Dev forum post (from the 24th of August) but a bunch of stuff has gotten done since then, so you will read this blog post, because love makes the world go round.

All experts I talked to agreed 0.1.8 is going to be a killer update. Which experts? Not relevant. Here's a list of stuff coming in 0.1.8, currently titled "Space Mystery Theatre," but we'll see if that name sticks...

The Tutorial (and story segment!)

A lot of new players have trouble adjusting to the mechanics of the game, as far as objectives go. The espionage and who-dunnit murder-deduction aspects, on the other hand, tend to come pretty naturally for most people...

The tutorial is focusing on the former - learning how to do the objectives.

The Company's Non-Discriminatory Training Course will teach you the basics of movement, completing objectives, and handling items. And it's wicked funny.

The most exciting part for me is that it's our very FIRST in-game introduction of The Company, and will feature at least 2 voice actors, following suit with our humor from the Recruitment Video, nonly better. Plus, rumor has it that The Company's spokesman may make some sort of appearance or something, but I totally don't know ANYTHING about that.

Whether you're new to the game or a total veteran of space murder, the tutorial will have some tasty new content for you to devour with your mandibles or regular human teeth depending on which planet you were born on.

PA Alerts

Speaking of our voice actors, I've sat down with the talent and recorded a ton of "Station Announcements" that will periodically play on certain maps (like Echo) during gameplay. Those might not be in 0.1.8, but I want you to know they're coming. They should be really funny, because I wrote them, and I am hilaaaarious.



New Map: Space Bar

If you were one of our earliest alpha playtesters, you'll know that we had a map in the game called Space Bar, and it was a bar, in space. Or a cinema pub, rather. Anyway, I've given it a huge overhaul and improvement to its look and some minor modifications to its layout. It'll be in 0.1.8, for sure. It'll still have some 'graybox' rooms with a lack of detail, but in many ways it's probably further along than Hypertrain in that regard. So that is awesome!

Bug Fixes

As usual, I'm doing some fixings of the bugs. Tom's voice pack didn't work because someone totally not me forgot to connect one thing to another thing. Yeah... Let's not talk about that. I've put in a few other fixes for some of the more prominent bugs, such as your overhead map disappearing, never to return. (I found out it ran off with the chocolate space milk timer - it should now be back and stay back.) Other larger bugs I'm looking into, and some I've already fixed. Because buck fugs.


We're getting pretty close to "feature complete" which means after that it's bug fixes, polish, and maps, maps, maps. I have a ton of new maps in the works, which I can't wait to share, but... We're getting there! The game is about 61% on the current Starmap, but it should be bumping up to around 65 or beyond in the next patch here.

If you want to play with more Spacefolks, or just come chat with ME more directly, you can check out our Sandswept Discord Server. (Or check the Community link at the top of this web site!)

There's also an "unofficial" Steam group we use to set up games, called Unfortunate Spacemen United. Full_Out is my MVP when it comes to setting up Multiplayer games. If you want to get eaten by him play games with a large group, get in on these little community hubs.

That's all for now, Astronauts!

p.s. Oh, I also took a couple days and threw together a new Sandswept.net! Check it out, because you like clicking on websites.

Dev Vlog 3 & v0.1.7 “Greater Heights” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

v0.1.7 "Greater Heights"

Summary: A new dev vlog! Height customization, new items, new balance tweaks, lots of UI fixes, and a whole bunch more!

Change Notes:

Spacemen Gameplay:
- Spacemen are now awarded Employee Points for launching Research Samples into space from an EME
- Spacemen are now awarded Employee Points for launching a Supply Crate into space from an EME
- Credit is now properly given to the Spaceman who was last to leave/drop an objective in the EME's contact zone
- 50 Employee Points are now rewarded for turning a Generator back on during a power outage
- 1000 Employee Points are now rewarded to any Spaceman who survives the Shuttle escape.

Monster Gameplay:
- Remote Arm should work again (UE4 bug reset some "Can Have Arm" type variables on objects, hopefully it won't do it again)
- Made Footprints Great Again
- Thermal Footprints now respect Left vs. Right foot
- Thermal Footprints now fade over time, instead of just disappearing instantly
- Fixed issue where Thermal Footprint decal was super thin
- Burrow decal now fades over time once the Monster unburrows
- Monster's first-person arms are no longer visible to the Monster when burrowed
- Monster with Chitin perk no longer shows up on the Scanner map while in Monster Form
- Monster with Chitin perk no longer shows up on Thermal Vision while in Monster Form
- If a Monster does not have a keycard, they will now steal a keycard from a Spaceman when using Burrow Trap. (If the target also has a keycard)
- Monster Opt In Button now has a completely new and sleeker look, with reduced text clutter as well
- The Monster will now be poisoned for 3 minutes if they eat a Spaceman corpse who had the Antibodies perk. When poisoned, Monster Health Regeneration is completely halted.

Items / Gear:
- NEW GEAR ITEM: Vision Enhancer. By pressing 3, cycle through Night Vision and Thermal Vision.
- Night Vision provides much better light in the dark, and without any of the downsides of a visible flashlight.
- Thermal Vision provides a glimpse through walls and reveals burrowed Monsters, but hinders your ability to see what's going on around you in detail.
- Flamethrower residual flames now rapidly deal damage to anyone in contact with them (they last about 5 seconds)
- Flamethrower damage per flame hit reduced to 7, was 8
- The Noise Grenade and Flare projectiles now fizzle out and leave behind charred remnants when they end.
- The Flare fired from the Flare Gun now deals 40 fire damage to the first Spaceman it contacts, if it hasn't hit anything prior to that.
- Flare Gun now has a proper first and third person mesh
- Stun Baton now has a proper first and third person mesh
- Bots are now stunned by Stun Baton

Assault Rifle:
- Assault Rifle has received large balance, feature, and visual changes.
- Assault Rifle damage to Spacemen is now 6, down from 9. Damage to Monster is unchanged.
- Assault Rifle time between shots increased to 0.1 up from 0.075.
- Assault Rifle and Handgun now have bullet spread. The longer you fire in sustained bursts, the less accurate the weapon will become. This makes the AR more accurate in short bursts, but much less accurate than ever before if you simply hold down fire.
- Assault Rifle can now zoom in, complete with zoom animations and sound effects!
- Assault Rifle is now semi-automatic when zoomed.
- Assault Rifle is now using the older model with the scope. Looks and feels better with the new zoom functionality.
- When zoomed with an Assault Rifle, names of Spacemen can be read from much further away.
- If shot, you will be knocked out of zoom.

- You can customize your Spaceman's height from the customization menu. (Does NOT affect Monster Form height) Height will mildly affect your camera position and hitboxes. This has mild effects on balance and is entirely by design. Enjoy being tall, short, or anywhere in between!
- The Monster will correctly mimic the height of a Spaceman when disguised as them, including camera height.
- Bots now get a random height at the start of a match, for further variety.
- New (FREE) Voice Pack: Trooper. The only thing this space trooper hates more than an alien is two aliens. (voiced by Oz Hansen)
- New (FREE) Voice Pack: Tom Videogre. Our first community-created voice pack! An Australian in space? At least, this isn't his first time with creatures trying to kill him! (voiced by Tom Videogre)

Menus / UI:
- The text that previously said "YOU ARE DEAD" now changes to display a different message depending on cause of death. (For example: A death by flamethrower spaceman now says "SCORCHED")
- The icon that previously always showed a Handgun now changes to display a different icon depending on cause of death. (For example: an explosion-induced death now shows a frag grenade)
- Fixed length cut-off issue with some text on the You Died screen
- Changed the coloration and font of various parts of the You Are Dead UI to be more readable and more appealing to your eyeballs.
- Improved appearance of the "You are a Spaceman" "You are the Monster" intro text when round starts.
- Reduced the opacity and changed color of the map pulse effect when the Scanner refreshes the map
- Research Samples that have been launched no longer show up on the map when Scanner is active
- Fixed bug where overhead map icons would be incorrectly rotated on certain maps.
- Fixed bug with the Objectives panel displaying "{total}" instead of the actual number.
- On the Objectives panel, Spacemen now see a green checkmark next to completed tasks.
- On the Objectives panel, Monsters now see a red exclamation point next to tasks that Spacemen have completed.
- Fixed some GUI placement on the main menu and server browser
- Customization menus no longer have buttons on them if the feature is not in the game. (example: Suit customization button is now removed.) If the features do eventually show up, the buttons will return.
- New desktop splash image for the game when it's initially loaded
- Please Wait popup now has a 60 second timeout, just in case it gets stuck (rare condition)

Known Issues:
- Spacemen no longer animate looking up or down. Something broke with our animation blending setup when we upgraded to UE4 4.12.5 and we'll need to suss out what it was. For now, this is turned off in the interest of getting the patch available.


Dev Vlog #2 & v0.1.6 “Spaceburbia” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

New Dev Vlog!

v0.1.6 "Spaceburbia"

Summary: A new dev vlog! A new map, new perks, new items, and more!

Change Notes:

- Much of this patch's development time went into fixing join/late-join issues, particularly involving an internal Unreal Engine bug out of our control. We upgraded UE4 to 4.12.5 and it seems to have corrected the issue. Please report any remaining issues with joining, late joining, and 'possessing' (assuming control of) your character when you join a game. Thank you for your patience with this issue!

- NEW MAP: Spaceburbia. A small quiet space suburb set on a massive space station. Everything is very normal in this neighborhood, and nothing suspicious ever happens.
- Echo: Spacemen on the roof of The Tube should no longer be in the oxygen zone of the The Tube.

Spaceman Gameplay:
- NEW SPACEMAN PERK: Chocolate-Flavored Space-Milk (or Chocolate Milk, for short.) When not on cooldown, upon reaching low health or lethal damage, you will chug Chocolate Milk and restore to full health. However, during this time you will be stunned. Afterwards, you will gain increased (Spaceman) movement speed for 5 seconds. 5 minute cooldown. Blast Shield will NOT be triggered if this is available at the time of lethal damage.
- UPDATED SPACEMAN PERK: If they have a keycard, Security Guard perk now allows the Spaceman to use their keycard to override a locked door thereby unlocking it.
- UPDATED SPACEMAN PERK: Security Guard perk now spawns the Spaceman with a Stun Baton instead of a Handgun. The Security Guard perk will override the Assault Rifle from the Action Hero perk. (You can't spawn with the Action Hero Assault Rifle if you have Security Guard perk)
- Punching is now a thing. If you have no items in your hand, you can punch for very low damage. Currently has a sound effect, but no animation.
- Transmitter, Generator, and EME locations now show up on the map for everyone.
- Removed existing Transmitter/Generator/EME locations on the overhead map graphics for all maps.

Monster Gameplay:
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Void Beast. Unlocked at Rank 21. You become a void beast from the blackest depths of space. Dark whispers and mist follow you wherever you go while in Monster Form. When you press B, instead of burrowing, you teleport a short distance with your Void Blink ability.

- NEW GEAR ITEM: Scanner. When opening the map, or every 8 seconds while the map is open, the Scanner will reveal the current location of every remaining Debris pile, Research Sample, and Spaceman (whether dead or alive, without indication of which.) Great for hunting down Spacemen, grouping up, or locating the remaining objectives. Only 1 Scanner will spawn per round.
- NEW ITEM: Stun Baton. Zaps anyone in range, stunning them in place for 2 seconds. Has 3 charges before being destroyed. Security Guard perk spawns with a Stun Baton. Does not yet work on bots.
- Oxygen Tank icon updated to better match style of other icons.
- Handgun Buff: The Handgun's Damage-To-Monster is now 8.5 per shot, up from 7. Damage against Spacemen / Spaceman form is unchanged.

New Spaceman Colors Added:
- Watermelon (pinkish)
- Chocolate Chip (brown)
- Pineapple (yellow)
- Peach (peachy orange)
- Beige (beige)
- Vomit (gross green)
- Coffee (brown)
- Calcium (white)
- Radium (bright green)
- Iron (dark gray)
- Titanium (blue-gray, near white)
- Cobalt (darker blue)

- The Perk Selection Menu now displays the required rank to unlock a locked perk.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where Spacemen would sometimes get a blank (appears black) color on round start or when joining the game.
- Fixed an issue where invisible walls (to stop Spacemen from wandering out of bounds) would also block bullets.

Known Issues:
- Spacemen no longer animate looking up or down. Something broke with our animation blending setup when we upgraded to UE4 4.12.5 and we'll need to suss out what it was. For now, this is turned off in the interest of getting the patch available.
- Due to a bug in Unreal Engine, our interactable objects randomly lose their unique "Use Object" text string (example: Press E to Lock Door) and instead show "Press E to Use Object." This will be corrected, but generally has to be overridden by hand and takes a lot of time. We're looking towards Epic for a fix on this one. Thanks for your patience!


Dev Vlog #1 & v0.1.5 “Acid Reflux” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

New Dev Vlog!

v0.1.5 "Acid Reflux"

Summary: A new dev vlog! Tons of new monster perks, a couple new items, bug fixes, and more!

Change Notes:

- Much of this patch's development time went into fixing join/late-join issues. This should help to (or entirely) sort out the largest issues that reuslted in players getting stuck or not properly getting spawned into the game when joining late. Please continue to report any issues encountered in our bug report forums. Thanks!

Spaceman Gameplay:
- NEW SPACEMAN PERK: Welder. Spawn with a Welder tool that can fully repair broken doors and cameras. - The Antibodies perk now reduces toxic and acidic damage by 30%. - Spacemen now react with physical hit reactions when impacted by bullets. - Spacemen heads can now be decapitated if the last damaging shot is a headshot

Monster Gameplay:
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Nocturnal. While the power is out, your Monster form gains 35% increased movement speed (does not stack with Posterior Claws) and 10% additional Claw and Burrow Trap damage. When the lights are shut off by a Monster with this perk, you will hear a distinct sound, and your HUD will alert you that the monster thrives under these dark conditions.
- When Nocturnal mode is active, the Monster's night vision is better, and a purple color, instead of orange.
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Toxic Ink Cloud. Upon transforming to monster form, the monster squirts a cloud of toxic ink that lingers for 10 seconds and deals damage to any Spaceman that enters it.
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Acid Monster. Your monster form bleeds acid on nearby Spacemen when taking damage, and instead of laying a regular egg, you lay an Acid Bomb that detonates when a Spaceman gets too close to it.
- NEW MONSTER PERK: Decoy: When shapeshifting, a decoy monster will be placed in front of you and lasts for a short duration.
- The Spaceman Antibodies Perk will reduce Toxic/Acid damage by 30%
- Monster Egg now displays a hitmarker when hit
- NEW OBJECT: Radio Jammer. Monster can trigger this device one time per round. Lasts 60 seconds. No text or VOIP communication can be used amongst Spacemen during this time. Monster Remote Arm works with Radio Jammer.

- NEW GEAR ITEM: GPS Locator. Spawns in a pair. One spawn per map. When active, the GPS Locator displays a waypoint on the HUD for anyone else with a GPS Locator equipped.
- Flamethrower now fires at a slightly slower rate of fire
- Updated Flare Gun item icon to look like a flare gun
- Flare Projectile has vastly improved visual FX, including a bright flickering light

- Kema: Added a second colorblind virus sample to the Greenhouse
- Added 1 Radar Jammer location to all maps

- Made some of the HUD button prompts about half as large.
- New image for Suit Lock
- Updated most of the skill icons with new artwork (all placeholder art still, just better)

- Servers can now be named, instead of just using the Steam display name - Servers can now be passworded - Server browser will no longer show servers that are not the same game version. For example, 0.1.5 server will not show up to someone still on 0.1.4, and vice versa.

Misc Small Stuff:
- Fixed a bug where the map selection in the lobby could choose "blank" or none as the map under certain conditions.
- Fixed a bug where carried items would repeatedly increase in size if you switched to Monster Form while holding them
- Made customization buttons on main menu a tiny bit smaller
- Build watermark is now a bit larger
- Updated Unreal Engine 4 trademark in the credits to match format Epic prefers