0.2.19 “Residual Heat”

Hello Astronauts!
Here's a longer Steam post about new helmets and a brand new price drop for Unfortunate Spacemen!

Below, you can find the full patch notes!

- Roughneck Helmet: Unlocked for anyone who has Unfortunate Spacemen in their Steam library before September 30th, 2017.
- Space Cultist Helmet: Unlocked for anyone who has DUSK in their Steam Library.

GENERAL CHANGES (in no particular order):
- Guns now have proper firing animations, such as the Handgun, Shotgun, AutoShotty, and Railgun.
- Many guns now have proper overheat animations. (Some have placeholder animations.)
- Friendly Spacemen now have a blue waypoint over their heads in Survival mode.
- Fixed: Transmitters that were turned off by a power outage come back online during the power outage due to the lockout feature introduced last update. Now Transmitters will correctly stay offline if the power is out.
- Noise Grenades can now be shot in order to silence them.
- Doors now properly show a door-lock timer on their status panel that will count down until the door unlocks.
- Slightly reduced glitchy effect when Monster is on screen, as well as removed the Sharpen filter when Monster is on screen.
- The Monster has received completely new artwork and many new idle, run, and attack animations.
- Replaced Monster icons in various parts of the HUD and menu with the new monster artwork.
- Added some additional imagery to the Spacemen's Guide to Space (How To Play Guide) This guide is a work in progress and probably a bit too wordy right now.
- Survival Perk icons at the bottom of the HUD now display their level (or if they're MAX) with numbers/text.
- Increased volume on passive Acid Bomb sound by about 2x.
- Lowered Required Objectives for 1 to 5 and 6 to 9 player brackets, to make the Rescue Shuttle easier to obtain with fewer Spacemen.
- Fixed an instance where the Monster claw attack wouldn't hit the Power Outage Switch when it should be able to.
- Assault Rifle now has a new firing sound.
- Rockets have been removed from Survival mode and replaced with other weapon types (shotguns, autoshotties, railguns, flamethrowers) in the potential weapons pool.
- Weapon code for overheat animations is in place and the Handgun now has proper overheat animations from beginning to end.
- The Shotgun and Auto Shotty inventory icons and New Weapon icons have been updated to reflect the new weapon artwork.
- The intro sequence when spawning has been cleaned up and given new animations. It also lasts slightly less time, is more compact, and the helmet HUD is hidden for a short duration to reduce UI clutter during the intro sequence.
- When loading a new map, the game will now try to put your camera at the "loadout camera" spot instead of starting at a random spawn point or staring at an odd location until the round start is triggered. This should make map transitions and round starts feel a lot smoother.
- You can no longer instantly pick up an item you just dropped. This is to help prevent accidentally setting down the item you grabbed if you're spamming E, such as when an item canister opens. - The tracers for Shotgun and AutoShotty are now about 50% smaller.
- Landing Pads have more vivid "debris status" indicator lights around the edges and debris status changes quicker after clearing the last piece of debris.
- The Assault Rifle now has increased accuracy, but overall decreased damage and slightly lower passive overheat cooloff. This will bring the rifle into a much more useful role, as long as you can control it properly. It does significantly less damage to Spacemen form, and still does pretty decent damage to Monster form.
- Monster's Void Blink now ignores Monster Decoy when checking blink-teleport distance, meaning a Monster Decoy will no longer block a Void Beast from blinking forward through it.
- Ghosts can now view the Overhead map (default key is M or Left SHIFT) and will receive all relevant data as if they had a Scanner.
- The Colorblind Virus Jar has received multiple visual improvements and is now YELLOW by default, RED when broken.
- Spacemen with Magnetic Boots now have a distinct, louder metallic footstep sound accompanying their regular footsteps.
- Magnetic Boots now damage the Monster if the Spaceman is Burrow Trapped. This deals 10 damage to the Monster per hit, meaning if the Monster has 30 Monster Health, the Monster will die if they Burrow Trap a Spaceman who has Magnetic Boots.
- Fixed: Since last update, the Monster burrow crack is not always properly displaying on surfaces where the Monster is burrowed.
- Fixed: The new first person helmet mesh could sometimes have decals projected onto it, causing strange graphical glitches.

- In previous versions, the Chocolate Space Milk perk was picked by most players because it's extraordinarily powerful. The Chocolate Space Milk perk has received various changes to bring it more in line with the usefulness of other perks. The changes are as follows:
- 25% chance to teleport to EME (previously 10%)
- 25% chance to teleport in front of an airlock (armed or not) (previously 10%)
- 50% chance to teleport safely somewhere else. (previously 80%)
- The teleportation "bamf!" sound is now hearable from a much greater distance, meaning when a Spaceman returns from the void, the sound that plays will be much easier to locate from afar.

- The Flamethrower has been overhauled, and has received the following changes:
- The Flamethrower now has new third and first person flame effects.
- The Flamethrower's main damage output is no longer projectile based and is now zone-based, meaning anyone in the area of effect will be torched.
- The Flamethrower still leaves residual flames, and in greater number.
- Damage on residual flames and main damage output has been tweaked.
- The Flamethrower now has much wider blast and greater range. This main damage effect can not hit the person firing the weapon.
- Flamethrower residue on surfaces no longer burns player Spacemen in Cooperative game modes.
- New Flamethrower and Fire Extinguisher sound effects.

- Grand Hall: Post processing tweaked some to de-intensify some of the contrast/shadows.
- Duress: Tram "Now Departing" beep is a bit quieter.
- Space Bar: More graphical improvements, less grayboxy. New tables, plants, and more.
- Echo: Fixed a stair LOD that was super low detail even when close up.