0.2.16c [Hotfix 3]

Update 0.2.16c (Hotfix 3) can now be downloaded from Steam!

New hotfix with some changes developed during this LONG patching cycle. The GIANT NEXT UPDATE is still in the works, but below you can find some new fixes I popped on out. - Zag

Hotfix 3 Change Notes:
- Various changes to the way you get to hosting from the main menu, and changes to how you select Internet vs. LAN games are handled. (It's all pretty obvious and straightforward, and better than before.)
- Fixed: Framerate issues in the Rescue Shuttle
- The Monster Acid Bomb no longer sets off other acid bombs nearby. This is to make each of the pre-set bombs (like all the ones in the Barn on Abduction) a bigger hazard to players.
- Fixed: When game is over, VOIP doesn't use VOIP Volume set in the settings menu by the user.
- Fixed: Select All button can allow users to select helmets and visors they have not unlocked yet.
- Fixed: Research Samples sometimes reset to the wrong place on clients, ending up in unreachable locations
- Fixed: Health Station continues to heal a Spaceman who has teleported away from it with Chocolate Milk perk.
- Fixed: Late joiners sometimes didn't properly get put into the game.
- The Chocolate Milk Perk no longer refills and can now only be used once per round, like the Blast Shield perk. It will also have a red X over it once it has been used.
- The end-game stats screen is now more compressed to display more players without scrolling.
- The Turbine helmet has had its art updated and now has some front exhaust.
- Echo: Added some invisible walls to spots where the monster could jump out and not be able to return to the normal play area.
- Architects: The Ruins Health Station and crate stack inside have been moved forward some to allow access behind them.
- Max Players can now be adjusted when initially setting up a lobby. Shapeshifter (the usual mode) supports up to 32 players.
- The Hazard helmet is now unlocked at level 25.
- The Pilot helmet now unlocks earlier, at level 10.
- The Bubble helmet now unlocks earlier, at level 18.
- Acid Bombs have slightly more falloff on their explosion radius, making them a bit less lethal at the edges of the explosion radius.
- Fixed: Monster Egg Parasites were triggering from a bit further radius than they should have been.
- Fixed: Outpost 13 wasn't properly setting itself as loaded so games could not be started on that map.

Thanks for playing, and see you all soon for the upcoming cooperative update! - Zag