0.2.16b [Hotfix 2]

Update 0.2.16b (Hotfix 2) can now be downloaded from Steam!

Figured I would put together a new blog post since it's a pretty big update, and the next update is going to add some HUGE additions to the game, and will probably see a bit longer patching cycle. Excited! - Zag

Hotfix 2 Change Notes:
- The Mana, Beer, Chocolate Milk, and Blood Bowl visors have had their artwork improved some, and are now also brighter.
- Objective requirements are now slightly lower for the bottom two tiers of player counts.
1-9 Players: 10 Research Samples (down from 12), 4 Transmitters, 25 Debris Per Landing Pad
10-14 Players: 18 Research Samples (down from 20), 6 Transmitters, 32 Debris Per Landing Pad (down from 35)
- The latter tiers remain unchanged.
- When used on a Monster with the Antibodies perk, The Health Syringe now takes away 75 Monster Shapeshift, up from 50.
- The Health Syringe now makes a higher pitched noise when used on someone who has the Antibodies perk (Both Monster AND Spacemen)
- Murderers (Spacemen who kill a fellow innocent Spaceman) now lose 5 to their Maximum Health every time, to a minimum of 50 remaining HP.
- Murderers now lose 15 Maximum Oxygen (because they're panicking/hyperventilating) every time they kill someone, to a minimum of 50 remaining Oxygen. (The Oxygen Tank gear still benefits them +30.)
- Once someone has killed an innocent, their breathing audio outside will be more rapid to help indicate this change.
- Health, Oxygen, and Shapeshift (now called Disguise) bars are longer and show the exact number amounts.
- Spacemen with The Action Hero perk now have a visible soldier kit on their back to indicate they can not pick up gear and are Action Heroes.
- Splash logos have been made less abrupt and loud. Again.
- The Monster is now picked from a list of players who opted in, first looking for players who weren't Monster last round, and then checking whether or not the player has been Monster for awhile. In other words, players who have not been Monster for the longest amount of time will now be preferred in the picking system. If none of these criteria are met, the Monster will be picked at random, or if only one person opted in, it can be the same Monster from last round. In any case, this now means everyone who opts in will get to be Monster before it picks the same person again. This Monster-pick-list DOES carry over between maps through the lobby.
- Fixed: In rare instances where Spacemen still have the Monster color picker up, they can change their color.
- Fixed: Landing pad in tutorial has no debris
- There is now a Field of View (FOV) slider in the Settings menu. This will change the way the camera looks, and will change the helmet trim as well. Adjust this along with the HUD Distance Slider until your setup is comfortable and matches your preferred playstyle and monitor setup. This system will be improved in the future.
- There is now an Framerate (FPS) Cap slider. You can now set a limit to your framerate, from 24 to 300. (Currently no unlimited option, but this is planned. The human eye can't see above 300 frames per second anywaaahasfhdskjgdhrgn) [KNOWN ISSUE: Slider may show 24 FPS when first launching the game, but the default is higher]
- There is now a Vsync checkbox option available for those experiencing screen-tearing artifacts.
- The Tutorial Task text on the HUD has been moved down and to the left slightly.
- The Tutorial Task text on the HUD now has a slightly longer animation to make it more obvious when it changes.
- The Crouch Indicator on the HUD has been moved to the lower center of the screen to make it more obvious when you are currently crouched.
- Bloom size and Lens Flare amount has been reduced by about 50% in some cases.
- The New Blood logo in the bottom left of the menu is now better colored with the menu and when clicked, now takes you to NewBlood.games.
- Ghosts can now see who is dead when viewing the player list (F1 key.)
- Steam Avatars now show up properly on the player list (F1 key.)

Thanks for playing, and see you this weekend as usual on Saturday at 11 AM PST for the community games! (Also join us on Discord!) I'm off to work on the covfofop update and monster tutorial - Zag