Recruitment – 0.2.14

Greetings Astronauts!

v0.2.14 "Recruitment"

Summary: In the 11th update of 2017 Zag drops a vlog covering this patch and 0.2.13, improves Ghost spectating, adds a brand new abandoned training facility map, and some more great little tweaks!


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord server to take part in the fun! Also, much of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

Change Notes:

- The Company's Non-Discriminatory Training Facility has been out of commission for no particular reason, for no particularly specific amount of time. The Company has decided to send some Spacemen to assess the damage, or something.

General Improvements:
- The Monster Health Bar is now visible to Ghosts when the Monster is in Monster Form. This bar is orange. (As before, red bar = Human Health)
- Ghosts can now see one another as dim, floating helmets with angel wings.
- By looking at a ghost, ghosts can now see one another's name and what color they were in a previous life.
- Flamethrower "passive gas hiss" is now a bit louder and plays at all times, even when dropped on the ground.
- Fixed: Transmitter pylons are not connected properly to the rotating dish.
- Potentially Fixed: Players sometimes get "left behind" by the Shuttle even though they are clearly on-board when the door shuts. [still under investigation]
- Fixed: Potential issue with Steam Inventory Helmets and Visors not always following the same code rules as the other buttons in the selection menu.

What's next? An explosive new arsenal, more fixings and polish, and some more stuff I'll keep secret until the time comes!
<3 Zag