Flirt Stations – 0.2.7

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.7 "Flirt Stations"

Summary: This patch contains an enormous amount of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, a total overhaul to the way Health Stations work, the ability to steal ANYONE'S keycards, and more!


We play Unfortunate Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Excellent.

*NEWEST* Hotfix 2:
(Note: Original and full 0.2.7 patch notes can be found below this section.)

- Fixed bug where the server sometimes thought a Spaceman was the Monster when they weren't, resulting in the game ending when they died, even while the real Monster was still alive. Maybe this is the universe trying to tell us that, deep down, we're all monsters.
- Spacemen no longer hear the Monster roar on the warmup screen. Instead, they hear a musical note. Monster still hears a roar when selected as Monster.
- Fixed multiple issues with Transmitters showing incorrect state and/or waypoint icons, as well as Objective panel showing the wrong Transmitter completion count.
- Slight tweaks to the end-game "Failure/Congratulations" popup.
- The camera now zooms to the Monster whether they win OR lose. This should now also happen for every player, including the ones in heaven.
- Fixed bug where the bottom left 3D model, Employee of the Month, or Shuttle Pilot images would be dark while the power was out.
- Employee of the Month wallpaper texture (behind the Spaceman) should no longer appear blurry.
- Reverted Translucency setting that was causing various issues, such as HUD not showing up properly when looking at a Translucent surface, such as a window. (Turned out to be a negligible performance gain anyway.)
- Late-joining Spacemen will now have their suits unlocked if they are stuck in a locked state for more than about 15 seconds. This is a temporary fix while Zag continues to investigate the deeper cause.
- Airlock "flappy" wind noise now properly stops playing if a Spaceman is killed while their Magnetic Boots are locked in an airlock.
- Large refactor to how the game handles death of players. Please report ANY and ALL bugs in the Discord #bug_report channel or the Bug Report forum on Steam. Thank you!

Hotfix 1:
- Corrected an issue with Keycards sometimes not properly coming off cooldown for non-host players.

0.2.7 Change Notes:

New and Improved Health Station!
- In The Company's efforts to enforce Health and Safety Standards required by Galactic Law and to fund various managerial training excursions on the exotic moons of Paradise IV, Health Stations now emit friendly recordings to keep you energized and remind you that your health is our top priority. Use often.
- The Health Station now... talks and stuff. If you begin to experience any feelings (positive or negative) towards the Health Station, you are to disclose those feelings to HR immediately.
- The code, netcode, and visuals for Health Stations have been completely redone.
- Health Stations now fill health over time, instead of granting all the health at once when finished.
- Health Stations will heal the user until they have full health, or until the time limit (10 seconds) is reached. This means if the user has low health, they will be 'stuck' at the station for longer than someone with nearly full health.
- Health Stations will now *slightly modify* their behavior if they're being used by a Monster in disguise. Monsters will typically not want to use Health Stations when other Spacemen are nearby.
- Monsters with the "Patient" perk will not trigger any strange behavior when using Health Stations.
- Health Stations can no longer be used by an individual with full Spacemen (Human) Health.
- Overall, this is a buff to Health Stations, as they will typically heal you fully, instead of the flat 50 health they gave you before.

Here's a quick look at the new Health Stations.

Note From Zag:
This patch was a massive refactoring of netcode. Many things have been taken apart and put back together with 4x network efficiency. Reduced net traffic and cleaned up net messages related the statuses of generators, transmitters, airlocks and more. (This basically means network traffic has been greatly reduced and the status of objects in the world should be far more accurate and rarely or never get out of sync.) While this is a large change to many systems at once, this patch is considered quite stable and well-tested. If you find any issues, please report them immediately, either on the Steam forums, or in our Discord #bug_reports channel. - Zag

General Gameplay:
- MAJOR GAMEPLAY CHANGE: Everyone (even Spacemen) can now steal keycards from from anyone else who happens to be carrying a keycard. This ability is no longer exclusive to the Monster. If you do not have a keycard, a keycard icon will now show up on individuals who have one. This means if someone steals your keycard, they are not necessarily the Monster. They could just be a big jerk.
- If you have a Spare Keycard available (and also your original) then two separate keycards will now show up in the bottom right area of the HUD. (Note: If you lose your Spare Keycard, it can not be replaced. You can only ever have one keycard after losing your spare.)
- After stealing a keycard, the keycard now goes on cooldown and can not be used until the cooldown expires. As before, the Monster still has a shorter keycard cooldown.
- When taking a keycard from a dead corpse (by walking over a corpse with a keycard on it) the HUD message will now specifically state that you have looted a key from a corpse. (Previously it simply told you that you had obtained a keycard.)
- Spacemen footsteps are now a bit louder, and the sound of them travels a bit further.
- You can now see your legs (and monster legs) in First Person view.
- Massively overhauled how Power Outages are handled by the level, server, and clients.
- Your correct ping (latency to the server in milliseconds) now shows on the HUD, upper right, under the text "Signal Strength"
- Lowered volume of bullet_metal_impact sounds by about 30%, because your ears are important.
- There is now an equip animation when swapping out an item in first person (instead of the item magically appearing in your hands.)
- New Reddish Color: Cinnamon
- New Orangeish Color: Lasagna
- Grenades now throw at the correct angle and arc for client (non-host) players.
- Spacemen suits and helmets have received some new lighting, resulting in better visual style and quality.
- The netcode for doors has been completely reworked. This also fixes numerous door-related bugs, including but not limited to clients with Security Guard Perk being unable to override door locks.
- Monster can no longer Burrow while stunned by a Stun Baton.
- Monster can no longer Dodge while stunned by a Stun Baton.
- When Monster burrows, there are now some dust/dirt particles.

Security Guard Perk + Action Hero Perk Changes:
- Security Guard Perk and Action Hero Perk now result in the following combination of abilities and items:
- You spawn with Assault Rifle as your primary item.
- You do NOT spawn with a Stun Baton.
- You do NOT start with a keycard (unless you also have the Spare Key Card Perk)
- You can NOT use Gear Items.
- If you have a keycard or have stolen one, you CAN override doors with your Security Guard perk ability as usual.

Note From Zag:
Hopefully these changes (coupled with the ability for anyone to steal keycards) will satisfy any issues with the perk combination feeling worse than just picking one or the other. - Zag

- Research Samples now use a completely different system for sealing and scoring, which also uses far less network traffic and CPU useage.
- The Overhead map is now about 10 times more efficient in its method for checking the status of icons on the maps.
- The interior of the Rescue Shuttle is now darker, and has a lot more junk in it, yielding in more hiding spots and better cover. The art on the door/ramps have also been changed, and the spinning red lights have had their brightness greatly increased.
- The Shuttle's Co-Pilot now has some "helpful" intercom messages for Spacemen as they board.
- When the shuttle takes off, Spacemen now stay in the same location they were standing in, instead of awkwardly teleporting to the center of the cargo hold. [KNOWN ISSUE: Rotation is not matched yet]
- The Shuttle now shakes and rocks around as it's leaving the atmosphere. You could say the whole experience is quite... atmospheric.
- End-game sequence with shuttle has been simplified for the time being, but will be expanded on a bit later. When the shuttle takes off, anyone not inside is killed. If the game does not end immediately due to the Monster dying, then that means the Monster is on the shuttle with the Spacemen and has a little less than 30 seconds to kill everyone. If the monster fails to kill everyone before time expires, the monster loses.
- [KNOWN ISSUE: Monster can sometimes still be killed ("left behind") after Shuttle takes off even if they are on board. I haven't tracked down the issue yet, but it happens about 50% of the time. - Zag]

- Kema: Small graphical updates on some of the walls and windows in a few places (lighting probably built)

- Improved Warmup Screen "Monster has been picked" text to be more clear and colorful to better indicate if you were picked or not.
- Server Browser has been cleaned up and now has labels at the top.
- Fixed how servers are laid out on the server browser, so information should no longer be cut off or offset strangely in some cases.
- Added some animation to opening the server browser, because that will fool you into thinking this is a Triple-A game.
- There's now a new Store button in the main menu, as well as a new look for the store button in the customization menus.
- Reduced the overall size (but widened) buttons on the customization menus for a cleaner, more minimalist look.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug where Monster Objective's Panel was not properly counting total or current Spacemen kills
- Fixed bug with up-down aiming animations on Spacemen. Spacemen can now be seen looking up and down again in third person.
- Fixed some bugs in Tutorial Level related to new systems, changes in systems, changes to health station, and some other things of that nature.
- Fixed bug where after a power outage was restored, transmitters that were finished would show they were red/stopped even though they were already completed.
- Fixed bug where Airlock 'flappy wind' noise would persist after ending.
- Fixed bug where players with the Magnetic Boots perk could get stuck indefinitely in the airlock.
- Fixed bug where a Spaceman standing in an Airlock with Magnetic Boots active would be sucked out of the Airlock if a second non-Magnetic Boots Spaceman stepped into it.
- Fixed a bug where HUD/2D sounds would play or overlap multiple times when triggered as host.
- Fixed a few instances of repeating/duplicate warning or notification messages displaying on HUD.
- Flamethrower now uses smarter logic to dictate when it makes sound or fires flame particles. Should eliminate bugs involving the Flamethrower firing sounds and/or particles playing when it's not being fired. - Fixed bug where a Monster shapeshifting to a dead spaceman's color would sometimes cause them to appear invisible to everyone.

Aaannnnnd that's all for now, folks! Next patch is expected to add a slew of remaining features for our trip to Version 1.0, as well as even more bug fixes, audio dialog and lore, and quality of life improvements. New maps will arrive over time as well. <3, Zag