Shiny – Update 0.2.6

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.6 "Shiny"

Summary: This patch is a bunch of polishing maps, with a focus on performance and bug fixing! We play Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Real talk.

Change Notes:

- Abduction: Leveled out a terrain dip that could cause player's to get stuck in the tunnel by the EME.
- Abduction: Added better lighting to the broken roof hole to make it more obvious there is a hole in the ceiling.
- Abduction: Moved various objectives and item spawns a bit closer to the house.
- Abduction: Added a few fences and rocks as cover in the more open areas outdoors.
- Abduction: Widened the second story chimney drop to make the drop easier for players.
- Abduction: Moved a few of the more sneaky Research Samples into slightly more obvious locations. (Example: One that was behind the generator is now slightly to the side of the generator.)
- Abduction: Added some additional furniture to some of the rooms on the first floor of the house.
- Echo: Improved some art in various parts of the station.
- Echo: Signage fonts have been improved and adjusted some.
- Echo: Added some covering geometry above the doors in The Tube, along with some lighting improvements particularly near the EME platform by the Engine Room.
- Echo: Massive Level of Detail (LOD) improvements, cutting down about 50% of the rendered polygons at distance. This should yield some good performance gains not only on Echo but also other maps that share similar assets.
- Hypertrain: Fixed a door rotation bug that occured after repairing doors with a welder.
- Hypertrain: Some art improvements, particularly regarding the floors in some areas. Less stretched textures, more detail.
- Hypertrain: The glass in the showers of the green Bunk Car now has a texture, making it easier to see where glass is (and isn't.)
- Fixed issues with the Generator looking super low detail even when close to it
- Fixed potential issue with characters being unable to properly drop off ledges while crouching
- Welder range increased from 150 to 300. To repair doors, you typically still need to be aiming at the door panel or doorframe.
- Research Sample and some other objectives have better LODs as well, cutting down on wasted polygons, meaning your GPU is working a lot less hard in some areas.
- Glass has been changed to be rendered with the scene, yielding much higher performance in maps with lots of windows. Some minor visual side-affects may occur in certain scenarios.
- Glass now has a more obvious texture and is overall less translucent.
- Transmitter text has been simplified and font has been changed slightly. Now Transmitters will read "OFFLINE" "IN PROGRESS" and other shorter phrases than they had previously, for more direct clarity of what's going on with a transmitter.
- Transmitters are now slightly less CPU intensive, and a little smarter in how they signal their status across the network.