Cosmic Abundance – Update 0.2.5

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.5 "Cosmic Abundance"

Summary: This patch is just a bunch of quality-of-life bug fixes, for the most part. We play Spacemen every Saturday at 11 AM PST! Join our Discord chat to take part in the fun! Also, about 90% of this patch consists of changes and fixes from direct community feedback via the Discord server. Real talk.

Change Notes:

General Stuff:
- Fixed incorrect icon on the "Sorry" emote in the Emote Radial Menu
- Post game scoreboard now shows who is talking, indicated by a blue speaker icon next to their name on the scoreboard
- Cameras should no longer go black after the power goes out.
- Stun Baton should no longer loop its "zapping" sound in spots it was used last.
- Reduced Stun Baton charges to 6, from 8.
- Fixed various issues with flamethrower and welder sounds/effects persisting after the weapon has stopped firing, or when pulling the weapon out after firing it as you put it away.
- Repositioned third person muzzle effect on Flamethrower to be closer to the actual muzzle instead of floating in front of the weapon.
- Fixed bug where transforming while holding a sealed sample would make your first person gun show up while in monster form. [Thanks Sirbungee for providing reproduction steps!]
- Fixed bug where Pilot helmet showed Level 22 to unlock, but it actually unlocks at 25. (Now it shows 25 and unlocks at 25.)
- The ramps and bridges on Tidal Lock now glow on the edges for better visibility of viable pathways.
- Tons of objects now have additional "Level of Detail" (LOD) meshes. These LOD meshes allow objects to drop to lower detail when further away, meaning your PC spends way less time and energy rendering polygons that you can't even see. This means Tidal Lock, and most other maps, will perform better on lower end PCs. High end PCs may also experience some performance gain from this.
- Some menus, such as the Main Menu or Lobby, now do a quick fade in animation instead of abruptly appearing onscreen.
- Fixed issue where clients would see an incorrect (or blank) Server Name at the top of the pre-game lobby screen.