Happy New Fear! – Update 0.2.3!

UPDATE: Hotfix 1 released!

Hello Astronauts! We had some great games yesterday and an awesome time! We've rolled out a hotfix this evening that addresses multiple issues. See further down in the blog for the main patch notes and vlog if you haven't seen those yet!

Change Notes:
- Fixed lighting issues on all maps (many maps appeared very dark when the lights were supposed to be on)
- Fixed Monster Terror SFX playing when you're the monster in Monster Form
- Fixed volume on Monster Terror SFX in general
- Monster Terror SFX are now properly tied to SFX volume channel instead of Master volume channel
- Stun Baton now stuns for 3 seconds, down from 5.
- Supply Crates have been adjusted to the correct size they were before the Christmas update.
- Fixed 3D HUD models going transparent when the power is out in a map (General transparency issues still present, however)
- Hypertrain death zone (if you fall off etc.) now has the correct damage type
- Fixed major issue with certain clients in a multiplayer game not being able to move

Original Blog Post Below

Hello Astronauts!


v0.2.3 "Happy New Fear!"

Summary: As the Unfortunate Spacemen beta hurls uncontrollably into 2017, vomiting everywhere and screaming into the abyss, a new map is dropped, and a whole ton of new animations and HUD improvements are spewed across the stars. Don't miss out! Join our Discord chat or I'll eject you out of an airlock! Read on for dev vlog and patch notes!

Change Notes:

General / Spacemen Gameplay:
- There is now a button push / interact animation when interacting with things. This animation will stop your movement and will mean interactions are no longer instant (though they are still fairly quick.)
- This button push animation shows up in first person AND third person, meaning all interactions, including door locking and stealing keycards will be visible to other players, accompanied by a sound effect.
- All Spacemen now have access to the security cameras at any time by pressing the 4 key.
- Security Camera overlay UI has been cleaned up and reorganized some.
- Employee of the Month popup at the end of the round is now 3D and animated, instead of a still picture.
- Customization of the Employee of the Month winner now reflects that player's customization setup, including body type, helmet, and visor.
- Added some animations and additional sounds to the Warmup (loadout picking) screen UI, to better indicate which role you were picked for.
- The Spectator / Killcam now rotates smoothly.
- Complete overhaul to the button prompts in the bottom left of the HUD
- Overheating bar and text is a bit smaller on HUD, and closer to the crosshair.
- There is now an additional HUD warning for 2 minutes remaining.
- Map now has sound effects when opening and closing it.
- XP gain rates have been decreased slightly. A win is now worth 200 points, down from 300, and a loss is worth 75, down from 125. (All other additional XP gains are unchanged.)
- Camera now fades in from black when you first spawn into the game, because polish is awesome. Not polish like the hot dogs, but polish, as in rubbing stuff until it's shiny. ... You know what, forget it. You know what I'm talking about.
- Removed Fresnel effect by default. Used to be 0.5, is now 0. This effect still happens when damaged, but overall this change results in HUD being much easier to read, especially near the edges.
- HUD is less squished overall
- All text on the HUD has been replaced by icons
- There is now a visible cooldown meter on the Shove button in the lower left of the HUD.
- All button prompts in the lower left area of the HUD have been enlarged to be more readable.
- All cooldown bars on the HUD are much more vivid now and are now placed over the icon, instead of the button prompt for them.
- The button prompts along the bottom of the HUD have been re-ordered some, and Monster abilities have a space between them and regular Spacemen abilities.
- The bottom left representation is no longer a 2D image and is now an actual 3D view of your character in their current color state and will also animate when shapeshifting. (Known Issue: Green colors or reflections will often go transparent due to current shader tricks. Will tidy this up later.)
- Spacemen flashlights now have a glare effect when you look at them
- All footstep-related events for both Spacemen and Monster now trigger properly when moving backwards and strafing, meaning you can now properly hear footstep sounds when traveling any direction.
- There is now a jump animation. It's pretty okay and stuff.
- There is now a fun fact and unique death message for being crushed to death by the Rescue Shuttle.
- Punch has a new sound effect
- The frost on a Spaceman's first person visor glass is now a bit less extreme

- Lowered the emissive glow on the Landing Pad material, previously too bright in the dark.
- Added a decal to the center of landing pads, to make them look a little more interesting.
- Shuttle Pilot camera now shows up on HUD when he's speaking.

Monster Gameplay:
- The Monster can no longer place Acid Bombs or Parasite Eggs when burrowed.
- The Warmup screen now tells you if you have been selected as the Monster in the final 5 seconds. This is accompanied by a monster roaring sound, to psych you up or whatever.
- Acid Bomb and Monster Egg now have new HUD icons.
- The Monster's HUD prompt for "Press N to place remote arm" has been moved up some, closer to the "Press E to" interact prompt text.
- Fixed an instance where Remote Arm would sometimes not trigger properly
- Lowered volume on the Monster Transform sound effect and there is now a greater variety of sounds that can play when transforming

Angels / Heaven:
- Angels can now spectate players directly (they can also still use the cameras if they'd like)
- Waypoints no longer show up below Heaven while an angel, but DO show up when spectating players and cameras.
- Monster's Toxic Ink Cloud perk has been buffed. Radius increased from 230 to 275. Damage per 0.5 seconds increased from 3 to 5.
- Monster Egg/Acid Bomb cooldown now shows up on the HUD in the bottom right, alongside other cooldown timers
- Buttons re-organized a ton. Egg laying icon is now on the bottom left of HUD with other button prompts, instead of on the right.
- Burrow and Void Blink now have a visible cooldown bar.
- Monster Egg and Acid Bomb now have a cooldown bar over the icon, including number of seconds left.
- Monster Egg cooldown is now 120 seconds, down from 180 seconds, meaning the Monster can lay eggs a bit more often (Must be in Monster Form to do so.)

- You can now view AND customize your full Spaceman customization in the lobby scene (you can NOT see other players customization, for tactical reasons.)
- You can now customize your Perk Loadouts while in the lobby.
- KNOWN ISSUE: Height does not scale your spaceman in the lobby, due to some visual bugs. Height still saves properly, it just won't show visually right now when in the lobby.
- All image-based visors (ex: eyeball) now work better with the bubble helmet and avoid stretching the texture in strange ways.
- NEW VISORS: Levels 1 through 15 will each unlock a Billiards Ball visor for the corresponding number. (1 ball at level 1, 8 ball at level 8, and so on.)

- Fixed Fuchsia. It is now a pink color, instead of a blue-green, for whatever reason that happened.
- New color available: Black, the color of space, and seriously dark.
- New color available: Actinic, a purpley color, at least in your lame human spectrum.
- New color available: Hooloovoo, a super intelligent blue color.

- Christmas decorations have been taken down. Happy New Year!
- NEW MAP - Tidal Lock: A 3-tiered ship repair dock floats ominously above a gas giant. This map is filled with precarious bridges and numerous traps.
- Abduction: Fixed issue with server not properly waiting for clients to load this map (also fixes lack of loading screen when loading Abduction)
- Abduction: Changed collision on some of the ceiling boards in "the roof hole" to prevent players from getting stuck.
- Abduction: UFO now has a new place to drop down, from the "Crate Room" of the UFO.
- Abduction: UFO now has some new walls in the center tractor beam chamber in order to block certain lines of sight and jump paths, as well as mark a more obvious way to jump down from the UFO.
- Abduction: UFO Power Switch has been moved to the opposite side of the central tractor beam chamber.
- Abduction: UFO's "low gravity area" on the tractor beam has been shortened some, to make it easier to jump down from the center without being sucked back into the beam.

Lobby and Menus
- The entire lobby interface has been improved with small tweaks
- Name of server you're in now shows up at the top of the lobby screen
- Map image now animates when it's changed by the host.
- Totally new look for the lobby scene and a much darker background altogether.
- The lobby now has a confirmation when you try to leave, to avoid accidental leavage
- Menus now make noises when hovering over buttons and some older sounds have been replaced with new ones
- New Host Match Setting: Show Killer HP. If this is turned on (default), your killer's HP will be shown on death.
- "Mutators" text changed to "Modifiers" in Host Match Settings.
- Enlarged tooltip space on Big Stat Card to avoid cutting off the text inside it.
- Changed some font on the warmup screen.
- In the Settings menu, there are now 3 options for Window Mode. Fullscreen, Windowed Fullscreen (also known as Borderless Windowed), and Windowed.
- Added a "Medium" graphics quality level, between High and Low.
- Added an additional graphics quality level, "Awful", which turns off shadows entirely and will allow more of our favorite toasters to run the game. (More progress on this in the future.)
- New icon for View Overhead Map hover-button in lobby
- The Main Menu has been re-organized slightly, and has two new buttons; a link to the @UnfortSpacemen Twitter, and a link to our bustling and TOTALLY AWESOME Discord Chat (aka Zag's Meme Farm.)

Items and Perks:
- Springy Step perk increases the speed of button push (and other interactions) by about 3x.
- The Security Camera Viewer gear item has been removed from the game in favor of allowing ALL Spacemen to access cameras at any time.
- Security Guard perk no longer spawns with a Security Cam Viewer.
- Scanner ping has a new, less annoying sound effect.
- Overhead Map now has text "Scanning..." if you have a scanner equipped.
- Scanner now scans the map once every second, instead of once every 5 seconds.
- Fixed: Scanner makes pinging noise after the map is already closed.
- Spicy Meme Cannon (er, Flamethrower) sound system has been totally revamped and should no longer play sounds at strange times, such as when no one is firing it.
- To better balance the Flamethrower, the weapon now makes a gas hissing noise when it's out, which other Spacemen can hear from a distance.
- The Flamethrower has a new 'stop/start' firing sound, a more subtle flame sound, instead of that loud 'clunk' noise.
- Fixed a whole bunch of "hand IK" issues, meaning Spacemen will hold their items in a more proper manner in third person.

Other Changes / Fixes:
- Fixed Radio Jammer text to be correct, instead of "Use Object"
- Fixed Health Station text to be correct, instead of "Use Object"
- Fixed: Weapon shows up in hands when unarmed after droppping a large object such as Research Sample or Supply Crate.
- Fixed some major bugs on Tutorial, such as unlocked doors that should be locked, invisible first person arms, and things like that. The tutorial still needs some more cleanup and doesn't explicitly respect all of the new rules and changes to the game in the last few months -- but overall, it works start to finish again.
- Flashlight is no longer hidden inside the head when Big Head Mode is enabled
- Potential fix for same player being picked as Monster two rounds in a row when others have opted in.
- SteamVR should no longer launch when Unfortunate Spacemen is launched. (Spacemen does NOT officially support VR at this time.)
- Potential fix for the disappearing map bug
- Airlock button now glows red when the airlock is unavailable.
- Upgraded from Unreal Engine 4.12 to 4.14
- Some metallic textures are a bit lighter, making interiors in certain places a bit less dark when the lights are on. (Example: Inside Abduction's UFO)
- Lowered volume of Task Completed sound, and no longer allow multiple instances of this sound to play on top of another