Violent Night – The Christmas Update!

Hello Astronauts!

v0.2.2 "Violent Night - Christmas 2016"

Summary: Holiday Special Dev Vlog, tons of bug fixes, a new weapon (the shotgun!), a brand new UFO map, and lots more! Don't miss out! Join our Discord chat or I'll eject you out of an airlock! Anyway, here's a super serious Christmas message from me. (It's not. It's not.)

Change Notes:

General / Spacemen Gameplay:
- The Rescue Shuttle now squishes anyone below it when landing. Watch out!
- "Died" icon on the end-game scoreboard should now be correct
- Death camera (and wardrobe camera) will now rotate if it doesn't have a direct line of sight to the character.
- View Self button prompt is now grayed out on the HUD when unavailable, such as during a Colorblind Virus event.
- Door health has been lowered to 675, from 750.
- Temporary fix for grenades getting stuck in the person throwing them. Not ideal, needs more work.
- The EME should now properly re-open after a Spaceman survives it through the Magnetic Boots perk.
- Being punched to death will no longer tell the victim they were "Clawed to Death" and will better reflect what actually happened.
- Added a Fun Fact to the end scoreboard that can display when someone is punched to death.
- Health Station locations now show on the overhead map
- Player List now accessible by holding F1 key during gameplay. This shows the names and Steam avatars of players, but does not show their color, VOIP status, nor what their status is in the game (for strategic reasons.)
- "Space Madness" Last Man Standing message is now much smaller and doesn't take up so much of the screen. It also is now more readable against scenery.

- A bunch of objectives are now extremely festive.
- New sound for clearing up debris.
- Landing Pads are now gold colored.
- Transmitter Offline buzz now voiced by someone with a much better voice.
- Emergency Mass Ejectors (EME) now have a new sound, and their blast can be heard from much further away, indicating someone just launched an object (or themselves.)
- Transmitters should no longer ever show "User Halted Process" when the Transmitters is already completed
- Objective Completed Checkmark has a new appearance.
- Transmitters are now colored based on current status on the overhead map. Red means Stopped. Yellow means In Progress. Blue means Completed.
- Landing Location is now marked on the overhead map when the Rescue Shuttle is called in.

Monster Gameplay:
- Fixed an issue with visible teeth below monster eggs
- Titanium Claws now do 7x more damage to doors, up from 3x.
- Monsters no longer collide with their own decoy.
- Acid Monster's Acid Reflex (splashing acid on nearby Spacemen) no longer triggers EVERY time the monster takes damage. Instead, it will trigger when the monster takes damage, but only once every 0.75 seconds.
- Acid Monster's Acid Reflex damage is now 7, up from 5.
- Fixed bug where toggling Monster form by pressing hotkey will not choose the correct body type.
- The corpse gib pile (after being eaten by a monster) no longer shows a helmet. Now it shows an ambiguous skull in the pile of meat and blood.
- The Rescue Shuttle will now correctly count a burrowed Monster as "in the shuttle" when it takes off.

- Your character can now be rotated in the customization menus.
- New Helmet: Pilot! Unlocks at Rank 15.
- New Helmet: Bubble! Unlocks at Rank 25.
- Current Body Type (top line) and Height (bottom line) now show up in the lower left area of the HUD. Height is shown as "Short," "Typical," and "Tall." This is also shown on the Customization screen when customizing your height.
- There is now a "Random" Body Type option, which will pick a random Body Type for you at the start of every round.

Bots (aka Security Guards):

Note from Zag: Bots were originally intended to mimic human behavior and substitute human players in a match. In actual practice, this isn't what ended up happening. People typically turned bots off entirely, for many reasons, chief among them being that the monster didn't want to have to go run around the map hunting them down after killing all the players. (And let's face it - bots typically weren't fooling anyone.) I want bots to be something people enjoy having around and including in their games. Therefore, I have opted to make the bots act solely as a helping hand and no longer count towards monster kills. This means bots will be added to games in order to protect and help the players, without the intention of replacing them. We'll see how this goes, and I'll make adjustments from there. More detailed specifics are below.

- Bots have a new, very specific uniform. The Monster can mimic this uniform if they desire.
- Bots (Security Guards) no longer count towards end-game conditions for killing Spacemen. Once all players are dead, the game is over and the monster wins. Unless...
- If the host runs a solo game against only bots, then the bots DO count towards end-game conditions, and this is reflected in the objectives window alongside a disclaimer indicating it's a practice round. (Hold TAB key to view objectives.)
- Bot floppy discs no longer appear black. (Just brown and say SECURITY.) Will do a more proper texture later.
- Default bot count is now 3. With the new rules, this is absolutely recommended for games with few Spacemen. The bots will continue to help with objectives and shoot at the Monster (or who they think might be the Monster.)
- Security Guards are now much more accurate with their handguns and rifles.
- Security Guards now spawn with a handgun (sometimes an assault rifle) and a security cam viewer.
- Security Guards now have the Blast Shield and Medical Nanobot Perks
- Security Guards no longer grant a level up for the Monster, but will still count as an innocent murder for Spacemen.
- Fixed some issues with match settings not showing or carrying over properly

Note from Zag: I am also aware of the potential confusion between "Security Guard" bots and "Security Guard" perk. This will be addressed in a future patch. In the above section, all references to Security Guard are referring to bots.

Maps and Lobby:
- NEW MAP: Abduction! A lonely farmhouse has been visited by an otherworldly stranger... - It's Christmas time in space! Abduction is the official "Christmas" map, but that's only because UFOs tend to invade during Christmas. (LORE!)
- Entirely new look for the map picker.
- Latest map(s) are now indicated by NEW! text in the map picker.
- Overhead map image now shows up in the map picker
- Echo: Oxygen Pumps room now has some ambient sound
- Kema: New lobby image
- A Security Guard now shows up in the lobby, if there are bots in the match.
- Potential fix for issue with Spaceman Rank not showing up properly to other players while in lobby.
- You can now view the overhead map of the selected map, whilst waiting in the lobby.
- Added a plant to the settings menu, because plants are nice and promote healthy well-being.
- Lobby: There is now a countdown tone when the game is started by the host
- Lobby: The screen now fades to black when the game is started by the host
- Lobby: The text input box now stays focused after sending a text message
- Lobby: Ready button text now changes to Unready when player is ready.
- Ready Checkmark in lobby has a new appearance.
- Lobby: Rounds Per Map default is now 4, instead of 5.
- Lobby dropdown when clicking on someone's name in the lobby is larger and the text fits better in the buttons.
- Lobby: There is now a hide-able panel showing the current match settings for everyone to see.
- Match settings button now works in lobby, and all the various match settings for the host to modify have been moved to there.
- New Mutator: Big Head Mode is now a server option that can be turned on by the host in lobby Match Settings. It's really, really silly and might cause other unforseen (or seen) issues. You've been warned -- but have fun!
- Heaven: Improved clarity and lowered brightness of Angel Spacemen texture.
- Heaven: Screen now fades in from white when entering Heaven as a spaceman angel.
- Heaven: Angels can now properly zoom in and out on cameras.
- Heaven: Fixed bug where angel cameras could sometimes get stuck zoomed in.
- Heaven: Angels should no longer be able to get stuck under the stairs in heaven.

Items and Perks:
- New Weapon: The Shotgun! 1 spawns per map. Very deadly at close range, especially against the Monster. - Handgun damage to non-Spacemen (Monster, doors, etc) increased to 10, from 8.5
- Flare Gun has an updated inventory icon
- Action Hero perk has a brand new icon
- Assault Rifle has an updated inventory icon
- Spicy Meme Cannon has an updated inventory icon
- Door Security Override is now voiced by someone with a much better voice.
- Potential fix in place for Door Security Override not working sometimes.
- Welder repair speed increased to 12, from 9.
- Stun Baton now stuns for 5 seconds, up from 2.
- Stun Baton now has 10 charges, up from 3.
- The Security Camera "TV effect" has been reduced by about half, for more clear viewing.
- All camera viewers now reset to default FOV when opening them.
- Increased camera zoom per click (30, up from 15)
- The Scanner gear item now refreshes every 5 seconds, instead of every 8.

Other Changes / Fixes:
- Mouse Look and Mouse Sensitivity settings should now save properly between sessions.
- Tutorial button now says "STORY + TUTORIAL" to emphasize the wonderful story aspects of the tutorial. Just kidding, it's click-bait. Pure click-bait.
- Create Server buttons now make noises when clicked, as they always should have.
- Added more fading to menus when things happen, for a more polished look.
- Changed font on middle of Warmup Screen
- Fixed bug where corpses would lose their color after death.
- Fixed bug where a helmet shadow would appear on decapitated corpses.
- The game now continues to play sound when ALT+Tabbed or the window is not focused. This was primarily changed to allow lobby and heaven players to still hear VOIP chat while out of the window. (Will add more specific settings for customizing this later)
- Fixed some issues with match settings not showing or carrying over properly to the next round
- Black spots on Spacemen suits now have proper texturing.
- Information such as rounds per map and bot count should now show up properly for client (non-host) players.