From The Dev: September… IN SPAAAACE!

Greetings Astronauts!

Geoff Keene here. Some people call me Zag, because I told them to.

I used to post "From The Dev" updates only on the Steam forum, but I decided our development blog needs some Major Love. Coincidentally, that's also what the ladies call me.

Some of this will be a repost from the most recent From The Dev forum post (from the 24th of August) but a bunch of stuff has gotten done since then, so you will read this blog post, because love makes the world go round.

All experts I talked to agreed 0.1.8 is going to be a killer update. Which experts? Not relevant. Here's a list of stuff coming in 0.1.8, currently titled "Space Mystery Theatre," but we'll see if that name sticks...

The Tutorial (and story segment!)

A lot of new players have trouble adjusting to the mechanics of the game, as far as objectives go. The espionage and who-dunnit murder-deduction aspects, on the other hand, tend to come pretty naturally for most people...

The tutorial is focusing on the former - learning how to do the objectives.

The Company's Non-Discriminatory Training Course will teach you the basics of movement, completing objectives, and handling items. And it's wicked funny.

The most exciting part for me is that it's our very FIRST in-game introduction of The Company, and will feature at least 2 voice actors, following suit with our humor from the Recruitment Video, nonly better. Plus, rumor has it that The Company's spokesman may make some sort of appearance or something, but I totally don't know ANYTHING about that.

Whether you're new to the game or a total veteran of space murder, the tutorial will have some tasty new content for you to devour with your mandibles or regular human teeth depending on which planet you were born on.

PA Alerts

Speaking of our voice actors, I've sat down with the talent and recorded a ton of "Station Announcements" that will periodically play on certain maps (like Echo) during gameplay. Those might not be in 0.1.8, but I want you to know they're coming. They should be really funny, because I wrote them, and I am hilaaaarious.



New Map: Space Bar

If you were one of our earliest alpha playtesters, you'll know that we had a map in the game called Space Bar, and it was a bar, in space. Or a cinema pub, rather. Anyway, I've given it a huge overhaul and improvement to its look and some minor modifications to its layout. It'll be in 0.1.8, for sure. It'll still have some 'graybox' rooms with a lack of detail, but in many ways it's probably further along than Hypertrain in that regard. So that is awesome!

Bug Fixes

As usual, I'm doing some fixings of the bugs. Tom's voice pack didn't work because someone totally not me forgot to connect one thing to another thing. Yeah... Let's not talk about that. I've put in a few other fixes for some of the more prominent bugs, such as your overhead map disappearing, never to return. (I found out it ran off with the chocolate space milk timer - it should now be back and stay back.) Other larger bugs I'm looking into, and some I've already fixed. Because buck fugs.


We're getting pretty close to "feature complete" which means after that it's bug fixes, polish, and maps, maps, maps. I have a ton of new maps in the works, which I can't wait to share, but... We're getting there! The game is about 61% on the current Starmap, but it should be bumping up to around 65 or beyond in the next patch here.

If you want to play with more Spacefolks, or just come chat with ME more directly, you can check out our Sandswept Discord Server. (Or check the Community link at the top of this web site!)

There's also an "unofficial" Steam group we use to set up games, called Unfortunate Spacemen United. Full_Out is my MVP when it comes to setting up Multiplayer games. If you want to get eaten by him play games with a large group, get in on these little community hubs.

That's all for now, Astronauts!

p.s. Oh, I also took a couple days and threw together a new! Check it out, because you like clicking on websites.