v0.1.3 “Friday the 0x0Dth” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

v0.1.3 "Friday the 0x0Dth"

Summary: Lots of little fixes to the way we handle game joining and preventative measures for various HUD-stuck issues and airlock issues.

Change Notes:

- Airlock now has a timed failsafe that should cause it to close if it somehow gets stuck open.
- Airlock cooldown time lowered to 180 seconds, from 200 seconds.

Game Join / Late Joiner Handling:
- More in depth checks for who is taking which characters at round start
- If you are a late joiner, the Warmup screen now reflects this and you can no longer opt-in as monster nor choose monster loadouts.

- Fixed missing black panel behind door lock screen display
- Assault Rifle now has some red on it, because that's more menacing or something.