v0.1.1 “Hull Repair” is LIVE!

Hello Astronauts!
New patch is LIVE! You'll know you're on the new patch by the watermark at the top middle of your screen.

v0.1.1 "Hull Repair"

Change Notes:

- Potential fixes for various crashes encountered during play or on round start
- After 20 seconds, "Waiting for Players to Load" will force the game to start anyway, instead of waiting for a potentially crashed player to load.
- The Item Store now works. You can buy cosmetic items like visors and helmets, if you want!

Spacemen Gameplay:
- When the Monster dies, there is now a 0.25 delay before zooming the camera to the death location. Hopefully this will scare people less.
- Late joiners are now spawned into the game if less than 5 minutes have elapsed (Hooray!)

Monster Gameplay:
- Fixed bug where Monster couldn't turn into colors of dead characters
- Removed visible raytrace from corpse gib pile
- Monster Claw Damage is now 11, down from 12.
- Monster Claw Damage Per Level is 3, down from 4.

- Sealed Research Samples should now more reliably return to their original position after 90 seconds of not being held by anyone.

- Added player count back to the server list
- There is now an option in the Settings menu to invert your mouse or controller Y-axis

- Reduced Heaven bloom to about 25% of what it was