Now available on Steam Early Access!

Hello Astronauts!
We're overjoyed to announce that Unfortunate Spacemen is now available on Steam Early Access!


Here's a quick guide to your survival in space!
  • The game is in the Alpha stage of development and is not finished. Our release version today is 0.1.0. We have officially exited the Pre-Alpha stage. If you are new to Early Acccess titles, or just want to know more about the development plan, check out our Development Starmap to see where we're at, and help you better make the best decision of your life - picking up this sweet multiplayer game!
  • The game is $14.99 USD, or cheaper, if you qualify for various discounts, such as the first week discount, or other loyalty rewards from owning or backing our past games. When logged in, you'll see whatever discount is available right there on the store page.
  • If you already own the game or are just now picking it up, you're probably ready to jump right in! Great. We'll see you there! Just make sure you check out the How to Play guide accessed from the main menu, and set up your Skill Loadouts for both Spacemen and Monster, accessed from the Customization Menu.
  • If you're brand new (and you probably are), you'll want to join an existing server, or host one of your own and invite some friends, or wait for some people to join.
  • If you're new, you also may want to not press that "Opt In As Monster" button when the round starts. Until you get the hang of the basics, that is. The Monster requires a bit more strategy, skill, and manipulation. But we won't stop you from trying!
  • Like the game? Leave a positive review on Steam so others know too, and help build our growing community! Many, many more updates on the way!
  • If you run into bugs, issues, need help with something, or just want to talk about the game, please don't hesitate to pop over to our forums. Geoff "Zag" Keene (the lead developer) hangs out there all the time.

Geoff also wrote this blog post, and frequently talks about himself in third person. See you in space, Astronauts!