Development Starmap is Live!

Hello Astronauts!

We're offering a ton of ways to follow development on Unfortunate Spacemen as it travels through the hyperspeed wormhole of Early Access. The game isn't finished, so how do you know, either before picking it up, or after, where exactly the game is at and how much remains?

The Development Starmap

Here you can learn about exactly what our plans are, where we're going next, and where specific features are in development. Bear in mind that if you want to go into the game with very little information, the Starmap might not be for you.

We'll let the Starmap tell you the rest! Click the big fat button below to take a peek at all our plans.

There's a few other ways to follow development as well...

Our Official Twitter - @UnfortSpacemen

Follow us as we say stuff to you in 140 characters or less! This is the best feed to follow to stay up to date on the latest, as we'll post every single blog post, patch notes, video, and more as they release. You can also ask questions directly to us there!

The Discussion Forums

Join the Sandswept Community Forums to talk with other Astronauts, the developers themselves, and even the occasional spambot trying to sell appliances! Oh, and you can report bugs there too, if you find any, but we know our games are super duper bug free and never have any problems whatsoever. We hope to see you on the forums!

Blog RSS Feed

Looking for the RSS feed for the blog? It's right here:

See you around, Astronauts.