Exclusive Loyalty Rewards

Hello Astronauts (and Survivors!)
Check out this video where Geoff details loyalty discounts for owners of one of our previous titles, The Dead Linger!

If you aren't able to watch the video, or just want the run-down, here it is below:
  • Those who own TDL on Steam will see a 50% discount on the Unfortunate Spacemen Steam store page until May 20th. Hurry, and join us in space!
  • TDL Kickstarter backers will receive a free Steam code in their email inbox for Unfortunate Spacemen, on or around May 6th
  • Not mentioned in the video: We'll be rewarding a DOVRAC themed visor to all TDL owners in the near future as well.
  • Not mentioned in the video: Unfortunate Spacemen will also have an initial release discount of 15% for ANYONE who picks it up during the first week! (To our knowledge, these discounts do not stack with one another, however.)
Thanks for all your support over the years, and we look forward to a bright, supernova-filled future. Watch out for airlocks!

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