What is Early Access?

Unfortunate Spacemen is currently in very early development. We are letting people pick up and play the game despite this.

What does Early Access mean for players?

Stuff might not work. Features might change. The game might not run. The framerate might be choppy. The load times might be long. Something might work today, but not work in the next patch. Early Access is for the bold, the courageous, and those who want to support the developers.

Why not just wait to sell it when it's finished?

We want to include the community in the development of the game. We're a small team, and having tons of players giving us feedback about changes helps us create something wonderful. We're not the only ones who benefit - you get to not only help shape and influence the game, you're ensured frequent updates and developer contact all throughout the game's development.

When will the game be out of Alpha, Beta, etc?

We can't answer that right now, but you can track the game's progress and overall status on our comprehensive Development Starmap!

If I buy the game on Early Access, do I get the final game?

Yes. You bought it, you own it, forever.

What if something happens and the game can't be completed?

While almost all studios cancel a project from time to time, usually it's before the project ever sees the light of day. We've had the unfortunate "life experience" of having to cancel a project that was out in the public eye. This can happen. It does happen. But it's extremely unlikely to happen again. We at Sandswept have made some large changes, from choosing a smaller, more manageable project, to an entire restructuring of our studio and development processes. No one wants our games to succeed and be completed more than we do. You're in good hands.